Charles B. Postal, CPA talks about his firm’s competitive advantage through MGI

28th January 2016

MGI World

Charles B. Postal, CPA and managing partner of North American member firm Santos, Postal, spoke to MGI recently about how building close, personal relations with other members helps give his firm a clear competitive advantage in a busy market.

The MGI accounting firm based in Washington D.C., USA, has one office, five partners and around 40 staff - which places it in a hugely competitive space in the market. 

“At that level we have a lot of competitors, but when we throw in our relationship with MGI we leave our competitors behind as we have significantly more resources than they do,” says Charles, who says a key aspect of being part of MGI is about being positioned not just as a local firm, but as an international one too.

To see Charles Postal’s video click below:

Santos, Postal can deliver a breadth of services; nationally, internationally or locally, at price points that its competitors cannot. 

“We have experts [within MGI] that have thousands of clients they have serviced in their area. They get to work with trusted people and get to work with local people,” says Charles.

For Santos, Postal, there is a process with onboarding clients that takes into account MGI membership almost from the start of the business development process: “Usually early on we get them comfortable that we are a local firm, then we segue into our relationship with MGI.”

Charles, in particular, is someone who can really call on anyone in the global network thanks to his active role - he serves on MGI's North America Coordinating Committee; and, he makes a point of attending all area and many of the international MGI conferences.  Charles believes that relationships do not happen overnight, they happen over time. 

“Being so involved with MGI, I am able to discuss the different meetings I have attended, the many, many people I’ve met and built close relationships with, and just by talking through those relationships and telling stories they know I really know the people we work with," he says.

“When we need a referral in another country they know I know who they are, that I can vouch for them, that they will be treated with the same high quality that we treat them with.”

MGI Worldwide is a global network of accounting firms with over 5,000 professionals in 321 locations worldwide.



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