Deepak Goil of Tambakad & Goil explains some of the advantages of MGI membership.

27th January 2016

MGI World

What does it mean to be a leading light in MGI Asia? Deepak Goil, of Bangalore-based firm Tambakad & Goil, spoke to us recently about some of the benefits of MGI membership.

“We live in a world that is globalised; therefore every business is dependent on businesses in other countries,” he says in this video. 

“MGI gives us a global platform,” adds Deepak, explaining how it means businesses the firm works with in India can gain instant access to much wider market expertise.

He goes on to talk about the importance of quality assurance as clients are increasingly demanding much more from audit, accounting and consulting firms.

“They are very aware of what they want and when we refer them to an MGI member anywhere in the world, we know this is a firm that will meet the requirements and standards of our clients," he says.

Likewise, when a company wants help in India, Tambakad & Goil can meet these same high standards that are the mark of MGI members around the globe.

Click below to see Deepak Goil's video testimonial:

Tambakad & Goil is part of MGI Asia, a regional network of MGI Worldwide a Top 20 ranked global network of accounting firms with over 5,000 professionals in 321 locations worldwide.

To find out more about Tambakad & Goil, and to discuss potential opportunities, check out the website or the firm’s MGI World member profile page. 

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