Member Testimonials

MGI World MGI Worldwide accounting network member Sjored Kuiper, from tax firm Verstegen, profile picture

Verstegen helps Dutch firms cross-border with MGI

4th January 2016

Sjoerd Kuiper, Tax Advisor at Verstegen Auditors and Consultants, spoke to MGI about how being part...

MGI World MGI Worldwide accounting association member Irfan llyas, profile picture

Ilyas Saeed & Co: MGI adds local and global value

7th December 2015

Irfan Ilyas, partner at Lahore-based Ilyas Saeed & Co, has spoken to MGI Worldwide about how...

MGI World MGI Worldwide accountants network member Tom Neff, from CPA RINA accounting firm USA

RINA’s Tom Neff on how MGI adds value for a major client

10th November 2015

What does RINA accountancy corporation get from being part of MGI’s global network of accounting...