How membership to an international accounting association can help you and your firm

What is an international accounting association, and why should you consider joining one?

As a valuable resource for professional accountants and firms specialising in the accounting and finance field, an international accounting association is formed from a group of accountants working together to share their knowledge and resources, for the benefit of all members. 

Why join an international accounting association or network?

Many financial firms look to join accountancy networks for the immediate benefit of being able to stay up-to-date with current accounting events and issues. Being a member of an accountants association is the perfect way to enhance your own accounting and finance knowledge and pass this on to your clients, but there are far more benefits besides this:


Enables focus on core services

If your firm is looking to meet client requirements that fall outside of your usual remit, you can rely on the other international accounting firm associations with experience in the relevant field, while focusing on your own core service. As a result, you also benefit from not having to meet the financial costs of establishing new services, undertaking further accounting research or employing further staff.


Keeping up-to-date with technology

Technology is ever-changing and many firms struggle to keep up with the latest advancements. Membership to an international accounting group will give you access to others who can share their knowledge of what does and doesn’t work and answer any tech-based accounting research questions that are keeping you up at night.


Integration within a peer group

Being part of an accountants association peer group of likeminded people comes with the benefits of learning from the experience of others, as well as being accountable to those you may start sharing resources with.


Cutting edge service

With the support of an international accounting firms association, you can provide more value to your clients by sharing your individual specialisms. By leveraging the expertise of other accounting firms, you are not only helping your clients but building your own reputation.


Leveraging your brand

Aligning your firm with an association of international accountants is a great way to add value, as you gain access to not only the knowledge, but the marketing materials, name and logo of the accounting association, for use across your own collateral.

How can joining MGI Worldwide CPAAI, rather than a different International association of independent accounting firms, benefit your firm?

There are many advantages that membership of MGI Worldwide CPAAI  brings to you and your firm.
Here are a few:


Specialist Groups

Our accountancy association goes above and beyond to connect our members with other professional accountants and put you in the best position to maximise and grown your business potential. We offer specialist groups, run by active members who are specialists in their financial field, which create opportunities for members to speak and exchange their knowledge and ideas. Current groups have been established to focus on forensic accountancy, mergers & acquisitions, VAT and more.



As a member of an accountants association you gain access to a suite of  webinars,  ranging from practical online learning to help with new technology to discussions around current concerns, such as the impact from the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to those publicly available, exclusive members-only webinars are available through our portal.



We provide accounting and finance specific online training on commonly used platforms to enhance your use of them. Specialist trainers will show you ways to save time and increase productivity.


Member-only resources

Membership  to our international accounting organisation grants you access to a wide range of online resources including our Global Technology partners. Through a collaborative approach, your business will benefit from the instant partnership with almost 10,000 professionals in over 100 countries across the world who are available to provide one-to-one support to help you get the most from your membership.

We have many long-term and more recently acquired members who have spoken of the direct benefits – financial and otherwise – that membership of an accounting firms association has benefitted their business.

MGI UK & Ireland: Member firm, Rickard Luckin, speaks of how collaboration has proven a winning approach to help them gain new business.

“Rickard Luckin has been actively involved in referrals throughout our membership, and [our] frequent presence at MGI Worldwide meetings highlights the importance of member firms having the opportunity to meet and network.

North America: Member firms speak about how membership to an International accounting organisation has benefited them by creating excellent opportunities to improve the quality of their practice, enhance their branding, and increase their ability to service their clients. 


"Why has our accounting association membership been so successful? Two words: [...] presence and participation.”

Stuart Jaffe
Kirsch Kohn & Bridge LLP

Around the world: Benefits of belonging to an International association of accounting firms can be seen for our member firms wherever they are located in the world.

“Due to the platform provided by MGI Worldwide, we added a reputed multinational corporation to our client list.”

Anuj Sharedalal
C.R. Sharedalal & Co.
Gujarat, India 

Would you like access to global resources whilst maintaining your independence? To find out more about how we can support your accounting services, or to become a member of our global accounting group, please fill out our membership enquiry form.