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MGI Worldwide has grown and advanced globally to become a major international accounting network of independent audit, accounting, tax and consulting firms with almost 9,000 professionals in over 100 countries around the world, and firmly securing our position at number 17 in the global network rankings.

Personal service at the highest level, anywhere in the world

As we grow and advance globally, we never lose sight of our competitive advantage. Our firms share the same entrepreneurial challenges as their clients and offer personal, Partner-led support for client businesses – wherever they choose to do business around the world.

With a shared set of values among member firms, clients can benefit from a level of personal support at Partner-level that is not found at larger accounting firms and a consistency of quality governance worldwide, with the networks’ global quality review system and commitment to audit quality as a proud member of the prestigious Forum of Firms.

Shared values and business culture among member firms

Just like their clients our members are business owners who understand the highs and lows of entrepreneurial endeavour. Member firms are well respected in their local markets, share similar values and work with the same types of clients, from small and medium-sized businesses, family business, entrepreneurial and fast growth enterprises to subsidiaries of major multinationals and not-for-profits.

Together our personal touch, entrepreneurial approach and global reach make the difference.

Global recognition

MGI Worldwide is proud to have been named 2021 Rising Star Network of The Year at The Digital Accountancy Forum and Awards (incorporating The Accountant and International Accounting Awards). The awards include The Accountant and International Accounting Bulletin Awards, bringing together leading accounting firms, regulators, and industry bodies; consultancies and advisors, law firm and tech vendors to debate the key challenges impacting the accountancy sector and the opportunities for growth that they represent. READ MORE

Why choose our global accounting network?

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If you work with MGI Worldwide or MGI Association firms, you will be looked after, personally, by partners. Around the world and over the years, our partners make close friendships with each other, based on loyalty, respect and shared experience. That is how we work because that is the only way to run a professional business based on trust. Whether your needs are complex or you just need one of our firms to make a quick phone call to a fellow member around the globe, our member firms are there to support you.

We want you to feel that you can call your MGI Worldwide and MGI Association advisers any time, to celebrate the victories and share the challenges. For many clients, MGI Worldwide and MGI Association partners are the first people they turn to when they have a business problem. It's as personal as that.

Go to any our meetings around the world and you will meet a group of entrepreneurs who are also highly skilled auditors, tax advisers, accountants and consultants. Like many of our clients, most of our member firms are mid-sized or even small companies. The partners of our member firms share exactly the same concerns as you do in your business. They understand the highs of success but also the challenges and sometimes, like you, lie awake at night worrying about them too.

We know what your business means to you and, most probably, your family - the pride, the excitement and, occasionally, the anxiety.

Our organisation is in every continent and just about every key economic centre in the world. We have members in over 100 countries. We share knowledge, ideas, techniques and solutions around the globe. However unusual or complex your requirements, someone in our network or association will have the expertise and experience to help you. Whether you are growing your business or closing it, acquiring or divesting, consolidating or diversifying, moving into new markets or offshore, planning for your business or your family, we are there to help.

And remember, you won't get a head office template approach or a global corporate model. You'll get exactly the locally born, locally grown solution you need, in your language, your culture and your jurisdiction. Our members work closely with each other to support our international clients but they are also proudly independent in each country, region and city to ensure they truly understand your needs.

MGI Worldwide is a full member of the Forum of Firms, an association of some 30 international accounting networks, including the Big 4 firms.  Forum members commit to international quality standards and we are proud to be recognised by this prestigious body.

For our members in developing regions, membership of the Forum demonstrates our commitment to quality audit work in competing with other firms for international work with global institutions and NGOs. 

Meanwhile, for our members in more developed regions, our organisation's Forum membership allows us to engage constructively on global regulatory developments in the context of audit quality.  

The Forum of Firms is an independent association of international networks of firms that perform transnational audits. The objective of the Forum is to promote consistent and high-quality standards of financial reporting and auditing practices worldwide.

Together, MGI Worldwide and the MGI association will grow and expand to further challenge the status quo within the market and continue to offer clients businesses, especially mid-sized, start-up, fast growth and family enterprises the highest level of service both locally and across borders.

Are you ready to take your firm to the next level?

We always look firmly to the future and are always seeking new ideas to make sure being a member adds value and helps our members to do more and better business.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our international accounting group please complete a membership enquiry form.

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    Clive Bennett, CEO, explains why membership is important

    “The world is becoming ever more global. These days small and medium enterprises, even startups, are doing more locally, nationally and internationally. Statistics suggest up to 50% of revenues for SMEs could be from international business within the next 5 years."

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  • What members say

    Young Ham from MGI Hanmi Accounting Corporation, Korea, on why they joined

    We joined MGI Worldwide to enhance our firm’s international capabilities. We had a client in Singapore doing business in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and US and within 24 hours I was surprised to recieve a response to a client question from all MGI members.

  • What members say

    Luis Uncal from MGI Jebsen & Co., Argentina on how MGI helps business

    For us it is very important to belong to an international organisation for our business but also for keeping our clients. From one client alone, it has allowed MGI Worldwide members to obtain revenues exceeding 300,000 euros from one multi national client in the last four years.

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  • What members say

    Sharon J Gregor from Selden Fox, Ltd., USA talks about the benefits

    We have a lot of family owned businesses, non-profits and governments and we needed the depth of technical expertise all over the United States and the world. It took us a lot of time to find the right organisation to join before choosing MGI"

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