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Annual Review 2015 Africa Asia Australasia Europe Latin America Middle East North Africa North America UK Ireland A Top 20 ranked international network and alliance of independent audit tax accounting and consulting firms 2 MGI Worldwide Mint Alliance Contents Our Organisation 03 What we do Where we are Our brands Our Worldwide Coverage 04 Chairmans Report 06 Message from Ed Fahey CEOs Report 08 Message from Clive Viegas Bennett 2014 AGM Report 10 Subsequent meetings Subsequent AGMs Becoming a Hybrid 12 Hybrid implementation Quality review Using our brands Our People 14 International and Executive Committee Members Global Executive Management Area Management Technical Committee Our Areas 16 Africa Asia Australasia Europe Latin America Middle East North Africa North America UK Ireland Our Members 17 New member firms Member firms left Worldwide Membership 18 Our clients overwhelmingly small and medium sized enterprises are increasingly crossing borders getting involved in regional and international business. Doing business abroad is no longer the expensive privilege of large corporations. Ed Fahey Chairman Our Organisation What we do From setting up overseas subsidiaries to understanding foreign tax regulations our member firms help businesses set up and grow their operations abroad whatever is needed to make their clients international business a success and they have been doing it together for nearly seven decades. Where we are With strong representation throughout 8 geographic regions in more than 82 countries worldwide our organisation has coverage in just about every key economic centre in the world. However complex a client requirement or remote the location someone in the organisation will have the expertise to help. Our brands MGI Worldwide and Mint Alliance are one organisation using two brands. MGI Worldwide is the brand used exclusively by those members of the Mint Alliance who work together as a quality reviewed network. All member firms are committed to providing a level of personal service at Partner level not found at any of the larger accounting firms. A Top 20 ranked international network and alliance of independent audit tax accounting and consulting firms which brings together the expertise of some 5000 professionals in over 300 locations around the world. Member firms are well respected in their local markets share similar values and work with the same types of client be it small or medium sized businesses family business entrepreneurial or fast growth enterprises. Mint Alliance MGI Worldwide Find more online MGI Annual Review 2015 www.mgiworld.comannualreview2015 Available as a download to print or view on screen as a flipbook PDF Annual Review 2015 3 NORTH AMERICA LATIN AMERICA 663 33Professionals Offices 915 40Professionals Offices AFRICA 364 16Professionals Offices UK IRELAND 49221Professionals Offices EUROPE 2146 144Professionals Offices Our Worldwide Coverage MGI Worldwide and Mint Alliance bring together thousands of like-minded auditors tax advisors accountants and consultants all experts in their field from highly respected firms throughout the world. 4 MGI Worldwide Mint Alliance MIDDLE EAST NORTH AFRICA 157 16Professionals Offices AUSTRALASIA 22312Professionals Offices ASIA 306 39Professionals Offices Key facts 68yrs 82 5266 168 321 548m International experience Countries worldwide Professionals Member firms Offices Global turnover Find more online Member Search www.mgiworld.commember-search www.mintalliance.commember-search Members can login to the Member Area to view business information size and service areas for each firm. as at 30 June 2015 Annual Review 2015 5 Chairmans Report This year has marked the biggest change in our alliance for many decades The new structure with nearly 90 of members choosing to join the MGI Worldwide network is the base on which we will build a better alliance with improved quality and more value offered to our members. While we have lost a few members in the process the remaining firms have demonstrated their commitment to the alliance and the strategic initiatives started three years ago. The same but different In the most important ways we are the same. We get together in meetings such as our AGM and Area meetings in the same spirit of professionalism and warm and open friendship. Whether firms have joined the network or not makes no difference to the bonds we create or the business we do together. We honor the legacy of nearly seven decades of meeting each other in every continent and bringing together peers who serve their clients with a shared commitment to quality and integrity. Our shared goals I would especially like to recognize the constructive and open atmosphere in which the last two years of debate around the world has been carried out. In many countries the network question has raised important questions about the possible risks for our firms and the business that we do. Yet we have seen remarkable efforts to discuss these questions thoughtfully and cooperatively to help us minimize any risks and work together on a shared goal. Our ultimate solution incorporates improvements brought to us by those most vocal in the debate. The conclusion to this sometimes anxious process has been a great coming together and an affirmation of our common purpose. Whether firms have joined the network or not makes no difference to the bonds we create or the business we do together. We honor the legacy of nearly seven decades. Ed Fahey Chairman 6 MGI Worldwide Mint Alliance Ed Fahey shares his views about the future With the networkalliance sign up process complete what is the next step The IC has been looking at where we want to go in the next five years building on the strategy that has been implemented in the last three. Clarifying the alliances value proposition is the first step in that process. What would be the key elements of such a proposition Firms can enhance their own brands and serve their clients better by taking advantage of the resources available through the alliance. By meeting to share knowledge business and ideas we make each other stronger. The challenge is to communicate these principles convincingly to new and existing members. What specific actions do you see the alliance taking over the coming year Business development will be a major initiative in terms of both new members and developing cross-border opportunities for all firms. We also want to re-examine the fee structure to be sure we bring commensurate value to our members. What about knowledge sharing That is a particular interest of mine. We need to get members more engaged to share expertise and knowledge. We have started that process but it needs a lot more work if we are to leverage it effectively in the marketplace. Opportunities to grow Whatever their long term implications the changes of 2015 are in many senses mainly organizational. We have laid a new foundation to build a stronger alliance. As I take on the role as your Chairman rather more suddenly than I had expected I want to focus on the opportunities that we have to grow the alliances capabilities to make our firms more successful. Our clients overwhelmingly small and medium sized enterprises are increasingly crossing borders getting involved in regional and international business. Doing business abroad is no longer the expensive privilege of large corporations it is evermore an essential and affordable need of the heartland of our economies the 95 of the worlds companies that are SMEs. We in the alliance need to be there to support them wherever their business takes them. We need to leverage our skills and resources to provide the professional solutions these businesses seek. Changing landscape It is our job on the IC with our management team to create stronger brands and make more business together. Lets get started Ed Fahey Chairman Annual Review 2015 7 CEOs Report A turbulent year and a year to remember Looking back over a turbulent year I am surprised to find that the event that most strongly sticks out in my mind is not the moment when I saw to my astonishment that the network had achieved an almost 90 sign up nor the brusque departure of some key members but rather the European Area meeting in a beautiful chateau just outside Paris. Chateau Mello France It was the best conference I have been to anywhere for any organisation and I have been to many small and modest massive and grandiose. The idyllic location and the innovative open space meeting format created the perfect atmosphere to bring members together actively choosing to exchange ideas debate small and large matters and to be honest just have fun and celebrate what we do. The format and location were a courageous choice by the Area Director and Coordinating Committee and it proved to be a brilliant one. It reminded us all that relationship building friendship lies at the heart of the success of our organisation. At the same time I am only too aware that even the most committed members in returning to their offices after such a meeting may well not give another thought to the network or alliance for days or even weeks on end. So the challenge for us is to make sure that without putting at risk the relationships we build we continue to add value to members businesses. If there is no long term business return from the investment made by firms membership then they will not stay. Our brand I believe that a stronger brand with a convincing quality review system is an essential first step. 2015 is the year we laid that foundation and 2016 will be when we begin to build on it. Our debate The debate we have had over the last two years was important to make sure we got the approach right. Member feedback over the period changed our plans significantly for the better. The debate also strengthened the alliance in this case a perfect name for how we act by showing us how robust we are how nearly seventy years of history is not threatened by the rough and tumble of honest disagreement how change is good and important and need not threaten our core beliefs. As the Chairman said in his report the debate has been an affirmation of our common purpose. Our aspiration The IC and I do not have ambitions to create a corporate giant. We want to keep the values shared over these many years but add a clearer perspective on what our alliance means for member firms and their partners or shareholders. The changes of 2015 which members have so warmly embraced are the preparation for ensuring that we will continue strong independent and valuable for many more decades. Clive Viegas Bennett Chief Executive Officer Nearly seventy years of history is not threatened by the rough and tumble of honest disagreement. Change is good and important and need not threaten our core beliefs. Clive Viegas Bennett CEO 8 MGI Worldwide Mint Alliance Vote on the ICs hybrid plan AGM 24 October 2014 Chicago Total sign up worldwide 100 19In favour Against Africa Asia Australasia Europe Latin America Middle East North Africa North America UK Ireland Turnover by area 2014 Growt Asia 6.4 Australasia 5.3 Europe 46 Latin America 3.4 North America 24.6 UK Ireland 11.8 Africa 1.8 Middle East North Africa 0.7 600m 400m 500m 300m US Year Turnover by Area as at 30 June 2015Network sign-up result by Area as at 1 October 2015 Total worldwide 87 of members have joined the MGI Worldwide network. 6 1 12 3 10 39 12 24 7 1 19 1 9 1 MGI Worldwide Members Mint Alliance Members 87 have joined the MGI Worldwide Network Member feedback over the period changed our plans significantly for the better. The debate also strengthened the alliance showing how robust we are. Clive Viegas Bennett CEO Turnover by area 2014 Growth Asia 6.4 Australasia 5.3 Europe 46 Latin America 3.4 North America 24.6 UK Ireland 11.8 Africa 1.8 Middle East North Africa 0.7 600m 400m 500m 300m US Year 0 Annual Review 2015 9 2014AGM Report Our Flagship Global Annual Event of the year Chicagos world leading architecture with breathtaking views of the skyline great sporting events art museums and music was a great backdrop for MGIs global annual event. Delegates attended from all corners of the globe with representatives throughout our eight Areas including 8 new members. The meeting was a special one for our organisation with the important vote on the International Committees plan for a hybrid structure. Extensive debate led to the AGM voting 100 to 19 in favour of the ICs plan. Erik Emilsson former Chairman and area representative for Europe commented The ICs Plan will implement a bold and important new way forward for the organisation. Instead of shying away from the network problem we decided to embrace it as an opportunity. A route to a stronger brighter future for us all. External speakers such as Marci Rossell the former Chief Economist for CNBC stimulated delegates with a lively economic update and Greg Voeller talked about Change Management. Members also enjoyed a pre-conference hockey game between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Philadelphia Flyers and breathtaking views of the skyline from the 95th floor of the John Hancock centre with plenty of live music throughout the three days. 2014 AGM host firm Selden Fox Chicago Meeting date 22-24 October 2014 Meeting location Chicago USA 102 Delegates 34 accompanying persons Above top New members Controle Assessoria Contabil Ltda Brazil Middle left Erik Emilsson MGI Chairman 2013-14 Middle right Matthew Moy IC member for Australasia Ken Ray North America Coordinating Committee member Simon Turner UK I Board member Other pics Delegates at the 2014 Global AGM the famous Drake Hotel and Chicago skyline. We were very proud to host the AGM in our great city of Chicago. Our firm Selden Fox was founded here some 36 years ago so it is a place very close to our hearts. Bill Weigel Chairman of the North America Coordinating Committee 10 MGI Worldwide Mint Alliance Find more online Meeting type Date Location UK Ireland Area 27 29 November 2014 West Midlands UK North American Western Circle 09 January 2015 Vancouver Canada Mediterranean Circle 26 27 March 2015 Malta Central European Circle 24 25 April 2015 Bremen Germany Middle East North Africa Area 07 08 May 2015 Amman Jordan North American Area 27 30 May 2015 New Orleans Louisiana USA Latin American Area 03 05 June 2015 Lima Peru European Area 11 13 June 2015 Mello France Australasian Area 09 10 July 2015 Gold Coast Queensland Australia Mexico Circle 13 15 August 2015 Guadalajara Mexico Asia Area 28 29 August 2015 Seoul Korea Nordic Circle 1718 September 2015 Stockholm Sweden Global AGM 2015 London UK 21 23 October 2015 Global AGM 2016 Santiago Chile 19 21 October 2016 Global AGM 2017 Frankfurt Germany 18 20 October 2017 Subsequent meetings Subsequent AGMs Member Area www.mgiworld.commembers View meeting highlights pictures and downloads members only Annual Review 2015 11 Becoming a Hybrid At our 2014 AGM last October members agreed to a new hybrid structure for our organisation a network MGI Worldwide within an alliance Mint Alliance. This vote was the culmination of over two years of debate as we looked in detail at the legal operational commercial and financial effects of setting up a Network. Hybrid implementation Implementation of the new structure began in May 2015 as we asked each member to decide whether to join the MGI Worldwide Network or stay in the newly branded Mint Alliance. By mid-September it became clear that the overwhelming majority of members over 85 were opting for the Network and embracing the quality review systems being introduced. We were taken by surprise by this result but realised that some of our largest most distinguished firms had not opted for the network for sound business reasons. We are committed to ensuring that network and non-network members of the alliance receive equal weight and treatment at meetings in our governance and in our directory. Important Existing MGI-prefixed firms will only be required to change their firm logo to the new style by July 2017. For firms that are newly adding the MGI prefix they should adopt the new style immediately. For more information refer to the MGI Worldwide Corporate Identity Manual in the member area online. Formal launch of our brands Full quality system on site reviews begin for network firms Publishing of common printed directory indicating each firms status in the alliance. Members adopt new brands in their local firm marketing 1 October 2015 1 July 2017January 2016 October 2015 to June 2017 12 MGI Worldwide Mint Alliance Find more online Quality review Key to improving our competitiveness is using a networks ability to implement common quality review. Sign-up to our network required each member to complete a detailed self-assessment of its quality assurance QA systems. We will build on this each year and in 2017 will begin on-site review of how the reality in member firms matches their self-assessment and how far they meet the customer service requirements of international service. In the meantime members will be advised and supported in improving QA. Using our brands New MGI Worldwide and Mint Alliance Corporate Identity Manuals CIMs have replaced the former MGI CIM of 2008.Both new manualsprovide detailed information regarding logos image files colour references templates and texts to help our member firms communicate what membership means for their clients and markets and our organisation communicate our brands clearly and consistently across the world. They also include the new forms of legal disclaimer to be used. Member firms can find these CIMs plus image files and templates in the Member area online. Go to the Marketing Material Section or to the NetworkAlliance area Guide How to use the new brands. Corporate Identity Manual for Network members October 2015 MGI Worldwide October 2015 Corporate Identity Manual 2 This manual is an interactive PDF that allows the reader to navigate from page to page as you would a normal PDF or use the contents menu to access particular sections in one click. Welcome 3 Our Brands 4 Core Elements 5 Colour 6 Font 7 Logo 8 Values 14 Message 15 Disclaimer 16 Images 17 Application 18 Business card 19 Letterhead 20 Reports Cover 21 Website 22 PowerPoint 25 Email 26 Checklist 27 Contents Corporate Identity Manual for Alliance members October 2015 Mint Alliance October 2015 Corporate Identity Manual 2 This manual is an interactive PDF that allows the reader to navigate from page to page as you would a normal PDF or use the contents menu to access particular sections in one click. Welcome 3 Our Brand 4 Core Elements 5 Colour 6 Font 7 Logo 8 Message 11 Disclaimer 12 Images 13 Application 14 Business card 15 Letterhead 16 Reports Cover 17 Website 18 PowerPoint 20 Email 21 Checklist 22 Contents Corporate Identity Manual for MGI Worldwide PDF Corporate Identity Manual for Alliance members PDF MGI Worldwide Mint Alliance Member Area www.mgiworld.commembers Go to our networkalliance microsite. See FAQs and Guide How to use the new brands This change marks an exciting time for the alliance. With new brands each clearly articulated and supported we can focus on how to add value to members own brands and reputations in their local markets. Maxine Brock International Marketing Director Annual Review 2015 13 Ed Fahey San Francisco USA Chairman Represents North America Arthur Baguley Cape Town South Africa IC Member Represents Africa Matthew Moy Sydney Australia IC Member Represents Australasia Faiyaaz Rajkotwala Dubai UAE IC Member Represents Middle East North Africa Thomas Althoff Duisburg Germany Deputy Chairman Represents Europe Imran Assan Singapore IC Member Represents Asia Ricardo Ruiz Betancourt Caracas Venezuela IC Member Represents Latin America Roger Isaacs Bristol UK IC Member Represents UK Ireland Our People Whos who in MGI WorldwideMint Alliance MGI Worldwide and Mint Alliance share the same governance structure and contacts worldwide we are one organisation using two brands. Global Executive Management Comprises a CEO and an International Marketing Director. Their job is to lead and manage the organisation under the supervision of the EC and IC. They and the IC are advised and supported by the Company Secretary. International Committee Elected by Members from each Area the ICs role is to supervise the management team to take strategic decisions and to represent the interests of members worldwide. Three members of the IC are elected to form the Executive Committee EC which meets more frequently and takes on closer supervision and support of the management team. Clive Viegas Bennett Lisbon Portugal London UK Chief Executive Officer E Jonathan Farrow Surrey UK Company Secretary E Maxine Brock Sussex UK International Marketing Director E Jonathan is a Partner of member firm Midgley Snelling Members of the Executive Committee 14 MGI Worldwide Mint Alliance Find more online Area Management Each Area elects its Area Coordinating Committee. These Committees appoint a permanent Executive Director or Coordinator to lead and manage the Area on a day to day basis. Technical Committee The TCs main role is to oversee the networks quality assurance review system and to evaluate member firms quality performance. The TC also advises the IC on technical matters. Audrey Danasamy Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Executive Director Asia Middle East North Africa E Zoltn Paksy Budapest Hungary Executive Director Europe E Paul Winder Sussex UK Area Coordinator UK Ireland E Arthur Baguley Cape Town South Africa IC Member Africa Acting Area Coordinator E Des Caulfield Adelaide Australia Acting Area Coordinator and Member of the MGI Australasia Board E Andrea Pallas Montevideo Uruguay Area Coordinator Latin America E Joe Tarasco New York USA Area Coordinator North America E Luis Uncal BuenosAires Argentina E Michael Grne Stuttgart Germany E At the time of publication the third member of the TC to replace Roger Isaacs who has recently been elected to the IC had not been named About MGI www.mgiworld.comabout Our history and our people Annual Review 2015 15 Our Areas Africa 16 office locations in 6 countries the Democratic Republic of Congo Ghana Kenya Madagascar Nigeria and South Africa. Arthur Baguley is the IC member and also acts as Area Coordinator. Asia 39 office locations in 14 countries Bangladesh Cambodia China Hong Kong India Japan South Korea Malaysia Pakistan Philippines Singapore Taiwan Thailand and Vietnam. Imran Assan is the IC member and Audrey Danasamy the Executive Director. Australasia 12 office locations Adelaide Brisbane Cairns Canberra Melbourne Mossman Perth Port Douglas Port Pirie Southport Gold Coast Sydney and Auckland. Matthew Moy is the IC member and Des Caulfield acting Area Coordinator. Europe 144 office locations in 29 countries. The European Area is divided into four circles Central Europe Eastern Europe Mediterranean and Nordic Region. Thomas Althoff is the IC member and Zoltn Paksy Executive Director. Latin America 40 office locations in 15 countries Argentina Brazil Chile Colombia Costa Rica Dominican Republic Ecuador El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Mexico Panama Peru Uruguay and Venezuela. Ricardo Ruiz Betancourt is IC member and Andrea Pallas Area Coordinator. Middle East North Africa 16 office locations in 8 countries Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Morocco Palestine Saudi Arabia Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates. Faiyaaz Rajkotwala is IC member and Audrey Danasamy Executive Director. North America 33 office locations in Canada and the USA with recent expansion in New York Boston Philadelphia and Vancouver. Ed Fahey is IC Member and Chairman of the Alliance and Joe Tarasco is Area Coordinator. UK Ireland 21 office locations Arklow and Dublin in Ireland Basildon Bath Blackburn Blackpool Bradford Bristol Coventry Edinburgh Hexham High Wycombe Leamington Spa Leicester London Southend-on-Sea Taunton Weybridge Wolverhampton Yeovil. Roger Isaacs is IC member and Paul Winder Area Coordinator. Find more online Area Websites www.mgiworld.comareas Area latest news and regular updates in one location Location statistics as of 30 June 2015. 16 MGI Worldwide Mint Alliance Our Members We chose MGI because of the strong reputation in regions that are of key importance to us for instance such as Germany. Robert Kolek MGI was an obvious choice thanks to its long-standing global presence. It is seen as a solid partner by international groups in Belgium. Philippe Boesmans Joining a group ranked the 8th fastest growing in Asia with regards to size is both a privilege and an opportunity. We see this as a great way to service our existing clients. Marc Peskett MGI was selected after an extensive review of other networks. MGI impressed us because like us they specialise in family and private business clients. Lorin Joyce We are looking to expand our horizons by joining MGI. We view the merger and acquisitions sector as one thats ripe for collaboration with our MGI members. Veasna Chann New Member firms 201415 The organisation has gained new members in Prague Czech Republic Antwerp Belgium Melbourne and Canberra Australia and Phnom Penh Cambodia. Member firms left 201415 The following firms have left up to 30 June 2015. They have all been excellent members and are leaving for various reasons which we fully understand. AHG Chartered Accountants Egypt MGB Co India CSG Russia SR Dinodia Co India Parmentier Ltd Belgium. We proudly welcome our new members LTA Tax s.r.o. Prague Czech Republic 5 Partners 23 Staff Van Herck Co. Bedrijfsrevisoren CVBA Antwerp Belgium 4 Partners 10 Staff MPR Group Melbourne Australia 5 Partners 23 Staff Joyce Dickson Canberra Australia 5 Partners 26 Staff APV Cambodia Co. Ltd Phnom Penh Capital Cambodia 3 Partners 23 Staff Annual Review 2015 17 Worldwide Membership Argentina MGI Jebsen Co. Australia Joyce I Dickson MGI Adelaide MGI Cairns MGI North Queensland MGI Perth MGI Port Pirie MGI South Queensland Pty Ltd. MGI Sydney MPR Group Austria Steirer Mika Company Bangladesh Khan Wahab Shafique Rahman Co. Belgium Van Herck Co. Bedrijfsrevisoren CVBA Bermuda MGI Morris Snelling Co. Brazil Controle Assessoria Contabil Ltda. MGI SengerWagner Auditores Independentes Cambodia APV Cambodia Co. Ltd Canada Baratz Judelman Preisz Pajak Chartered Accountants McLean Bartok Edwards Chile MGI Hernn Espejo y Cia Ltda. China LehmanBrown MGI Excellence Co. Ltd Colombia MGI Argelles y Asociados MGI Pez y Asociados MGI VIA Consultora Congo Republique democratique du Strong Nkv Costa Rica MGI Hernndez Asociados CPAS.A.P. Cyprus MGI Gregoriou Co. Ltd Czech Republic LTA Tax s.r.o. Denmark Hallerup Co. Redmark Dominican Republic MGI LT Accountant Asociados Asesores y Auditores Ecuador MGI Guerra Asociados El Salvador AFE Internacional S.A. de C.V. Finland Auditors Network Finland Ltd. France FCN Georgia MGI Mediator LLC Germany audecon GmbH WPG BurbachCramerPartners GmbH Dr Daum Partner Dr. Schmidt-Wilke Partner Hannover Dr. SchmidtWilke Partner Magdeburg GmbH Dr. Steudter Partner Grwe Partner GmbH Greis Brosent GmbH Prof. Dr. Binder Dr. Dr. Hillebrecht u.Partner GmbH RLT Ruhrmann Tieben Partner SHP Scheffner Hoffmann Partnerschaftsgesellschaft von Diest Greve und Partner Votum AG Ghana OAK Chartered Accountants Greece A. Sofakis Sia OE Guatemala MGI Chile Monroy y Asociados Hong Kong Kenneth Chau Co. Hungary BPO AUDIT TAX India Tambakad Goil Ireland Copsey Murray Israel Knobel Beltzer Soraya Co. Italy MGI De Leone - Triunfo - Galloni Associati Spitaler Frei Partner Studio Pragma Studio Vannucci e Associati Japan Seiyu Audit Corporation Jordan The Scientific Office for Auditing Accounting Consulting Kenya MGI Adam Associates Korea Hanmi Accounting Corporation Kuwait First Audit Lebanon MGI KICA International Liechtenstein Advisa TreuhandAnstalt Lithuania MGI In Salvo UAB Luxembourg Fisogest SA Madagascar FTHM Conseils One of our main clients has significant real estate across the US now Spain and Portugal. Through the services of our affiliates it has strengthened my relationship with my client and thats a huge win for me. Tom Neff RINA accountancy corporation USA 18 MGI Worldwide Mint Alliance Malaysia AljeffriDean Chartered Accountants Malta MGI Malta Mexico MGI Bargall Cardoso y Asociados S.C. MGI Chavez Ames y Cia. S.C. MGI Corporitax MGIDespachoGmezLeyvayAsociadosS.C. MGI GPM Contadores y Auditores S.C. MGI Zavala Gutirrez y Cia SC Santilln Jimnez y Compaa S.C. Valencia Acosta Consultores S.C. Morocco Audicis SARL Netherlands BP Performance Group Verstegen auditors and consultants New Zealand MGI Auckland Nigeria MGI Alabi Ekundare Norway Langseth Revisjon AS MGI Revisjon Asker DA Pakistan Ilyas Saeed Co. Palestine Abdelghani Al Shamali Co Auditing Bureau Panama MGI Montufar Asociados Peru MGI Gutierrez Rios Y Asociados S. Civil de R.L. Philippines Gatmaitan Associates CPAs Poland HK Finance Modzelewski Partners sp. z o.o Portugal MGI Associados Romania Teaha Management Consulting SRL Russia Audit Business Platform LLC Saudi Arabia AlSabaie CPAs Consultants Singapore MGI Menon Associates MGI N. Rajan Associates Slovakia Paragraf Tax Advisory and Accountancy Office South Africa J. H. Smilg Co. MGI Bass Gordon GHF Spain Ambit Assessor S.L. MGI Audicon Partners Sweden Revideco AB Switzerland Budliger Treuhand AG Dr. Rothlisberger AG MGI Audit Gestion Sarl MGI GROUP Fiduciaire SA Taiwan MGI Excellence Co. Ltd Thailand Nathee Audit Office Co. Limited Tunisia Ace Consulting Turkey MGI Maksimum YMM Ltd. Sti. MGI Pozitif Auditing Consultancy Inc. Turks Caicos Islands Morris Cottingham Co. Ltd. Ukraine PSP Audit LLC United Arab Emirates MGI Salim Rajkotwala Associates United Kingdom Bishops Chartered Accountants C.I. Accountancy Limited Jeffrey Crawford Co. Midgley Snelling LLP Milsted Langdon LLP Muras Baker Jones Rickard Luckin Limited Seymour Taylor Watson Buckle Limited United States of America Appelrouth Farah Company CPAs Boeckermann Grafstrom Mayer LLC Detterbeck Johnson Monsen Frierson Sol Simonton Kutac PLLC Hellam Varon Co. Inc. P.S. Hertz Herson LLP Jones and Kolb Kirsch Kohn Bridge LLP LMHS P.C. RINA accountancy corporation Robin Kramer Green LLP Santos Postal Company PC Selden Fox Ltd. Snead and Williams P.L.L.C. Teague Marquess Associates Untracht Early LLC Wright Ford Young Co ZdonekWolowiczAccountancyCorporation Uruguay Consultora y Administradora SuizoUruguaya S.A. Venezuela Briner Asociados sc Dominguez Asociados MGI PP Asociados Contadores Publicos Vietnam Vietnam Auditing and Valuation Company Limited AVA A lot of entrepreneurs look outside of the Netherlands to seek other markets and our clients expect us to be able to serve them abroad either in or outside Europe. With MGI we can pick up the phone and we have the contacts to help. Sjoerd Kuiper Verstegen auditors and consultants Netherlands Annual Review 2015 19 Registered Office First Floor Jubilee Buildings Victoria Street Douglas Isle of Man IM1 2SH Mint Alliance is an alliance of independent audit tax accounting and consulting firms. MGI Worldwide is the brand name under which certain member firms of Mint Alliance operate as a network of independent audit tax accounting and consulting firms. MGI Worldwide and Mint Alliance do not themselves provide any services and their member firms are not an international partnership. Each member firm is a separate entity and neither MGI Worldwide Mint Alliance nor any member firm accepts responsibility for the activities work opinions or services of any other member firm. Mint Alliance is a private company limited by guarantee incorporated in the Isle of Man with company number 012651C. Annual Review 2015 www.mgiworld.comannualreview2015 Also available as a flipbook online Follow us on LinkedIn Follow us on Twitter twitter.commgiworldwide For more information please contact Maxine Brock International Marketing Director E MGI Worldwide Headquarters 120 Pall Mall London SW1Y 5EA UK T 44 20 7101 0662 E