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Microsoft Lists the successor to Excel

10 November, 2020 14:00 London Time (GMT)

David Benaim

Founder - trainer - data scientist - MVP


Start: 10 11 2020
End: 10 11 2020

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10 November 2020, 2pm London Time (BST)


Our regular Tech-on-Tuesday webinars continue with more Wow’s from David Benaim showcasing the latest updates and features to Microsoft 365

More about this webinar

"Microsoft Lists the successor to Excel". What an outlandish statement, could Excel ever be replaced? Especially for accountants? Our trainer David is one of Excel’s biggest ambassadors but there are many ways where Excel is ineffective, 2020’s new app aims to fix that. Data input sheets are frequently made poorly with features like “merge cells”, “hide” manual colour coding, inability to summarise with Pivots or SUMIFS, etc.

A better user experience for the person entering data is often prioritised but within that analysis becomes impossible or very manual.

Launched this month, Microsoft Lists, (a reimagining of the old SharePoint Lists) is a fantastic tool which aims to fill this void, builders can create a simple and pretty data input sheet which can be edited but stores the data in a robust analysable dataset (that can be further analysed in Excel or otherwise. And to top it off, Lists allows feats beyond Excel’s capabilities like notifications on changes, multi select drop down lists, images in cells, a form based data input with searchable dropdown lists and other tools.

Can it replace our Excel needs?

David will also showcase updates to Microsoft 365 apps for the month.


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