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Coronavirus support webinar - Your practice and your staff

01 April, 2020 See event page for full list of times

Clive Bennett

CEO, MGI Worldwide with CPAAI


Start: 01 04 2020
End: 01 04 2020

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Wednesday 1 April
(afternoon of Tuesday 31 March in North and South America) 

Your practice and your staff: how to manage your practice and the challenges of home working, including the psychological effects on staff in isolation. 

This is the second in a series of three coronavirus support webinars to discuss key issues affecting your business and how to deal with them during this challenging period. To allow the maximum access for all the time zones we cover, we will repeat each of the three webinars at two different times. 

There will be no presentations. In each case, we will invite members or staff with particular expertise to give a contribution but this will mainly be a conversation for you to share your experience and knowledge. 

We will start with a short session on the psychological challenges of working at home, supported by a psychologist with expertise in this field, Dr Stuart Baker.  See the document prepared by him "The psychological effects of working in isolation - the home working challenge", in our Members Area (Coronavirus Hub).

  • The psychological challenges of home working
  • All the topics on helping clients apply to accounting firms themselves
  • Use technology, if Teams or Slack is a step too far look at Sococo to create a virtual office
  • Be aware of employment responsibilities for home working
  • Engage with your team every day, as you would in the office
  • Ensure everyone has the tools to work effectively from home
  • Don't expect the same level of performance at least during a transition phase
  • Be understanding to new work patterns

Taking part in the webinar

See the timetable below. The webinar will be repeated to allow all time zones to take part. Note that for locations in North and South America, Session 1 times will be the DAY BEFORE (your time), as indicated.

To access the webinar, visit the Coronavirus (COVID-19) hub - resources and updates page in the Member Area where you will find the full list of Support webinars with times and Zoom links.

Once on this page, just click on the Zoom link at the time of the meeting. You do not need to install the Zoom app and can run the call in your browser. Your computer needs a camera and sound (microphone and speaker or headset).  If you have problems with your system sound or cannot join with video, you can also dial in by telephone. Again, details can be found on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) hub - resources and updates page in the Member Area.

If you have special expertise or knowledge in this topic to share with fellow members, please contact

UNDERLINED times are the day before. BOLD times are normal working hours.

Session 1

Wednesday 1 April

Example locations  
San Francisco 14:00 - 31 Mar
New York 17:00 - 31 Mar
Buenos Aires 18:00 - 31 Mar
London 22:00 - 31 Mar
Berlin 23:00 - 31 Mar
Dubai 01:00
New Delhi 02:30
Singapore 05:00
Sydney 08:00
Auckland 10:00

Session 2

Wednesday 1 April

Example locations  
San Francisco  01:00
New York  04:00 
Buenos Aires  05:00 
London  09:00 
Berlin  10:00 
Dubai  12:00  
New Delhi  13:30  
Singapore  16:00  
Sydney 19:00 
Auckland  21:00  

For more information please contact Clive Bennett or Maxine Brock