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Marketing and Communications Zoom call

20 May, 2021 16:30 London Time BST / 11:30 EDT

Maxine Brock

International Marketing Director


Start: 20 05 2021
End: 20 05 2021

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Open Call


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20 May 2021, 4:30 PM London time BST / 11:30 EDT

Darren Wake, Customersure 

Top Tips for Measuring & Improving Customer Experience

It has long been accepted that engaging with your customers and finding what they think of you, your products, services, and how you could improve, is a good thing to do. However some companies don’t do this, and lots also do it badly by not following up with customers or making changes based on the feedback. 
There are some simple ways you can evolve your customer experience programme, to make it easy to collect feedback, measure it, understand it, and most importantly do something with it to actually improve customer satisfaction. CustomerSure’s Darren Wake will provide some best practice tips for how you could do this, engage colleagues, respond to customers, track improvements over time and see a difference in customer loyalty, retention, recommendation and reduced complaints and costs. 
Darren Wake has been helping leading organisations to effectively measure and improve customer experience for over 15 years, working with companies in the UK, mainland Europe and North America. CustomerSure’s customer experience measurement and improvement software has been used by hundreds of companies across the globe, as a way to not only collect customer feedback and satisfaction data, but also easily close the loop and make a real difference to actual customer satisfaction. For more information 

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If you are responsible for Marketing, Communications or Business Development within your Firm and you are interested in sharing your ideas and experiences on all aspects of marketing and hearing how other MGI Worldwide and CPAAI member firms are communicating with their clients and what strategies they are using, then you will gain a lot of value from joining our lively and open conversations. 

This is an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with other Marketing Professionals across the MGI Worldwide CPAAI community and learn from each other! 


Thursday 20 May 2021

at the usual time of 11:30 AM EDT / 4:30 PM BST

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We encourage members to ask questions and share your experiences with the Group.  We welcome input from as many MGI Worldwide and CPAAI firms as possible, and please turn on your webcams!


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See you there on 20 May!

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