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Marketing and Communications Zoom call

24 June, 2021 16:30 BST (London) / 11:30 EDT (New York)

Maxine Brock

International Marketing Director


Start: 24 06 2021
End: 24 06 2021

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Open Call


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24 June 2021, 4:30 PM London time BST / 11:30 EDT

Recruiting Challenges?  Strategic Marketing Initiatives Can Help Attract & Retain Talent!

Many firms are facing recruiting challenges and the pandemic seems to have amplified the issue. Attracting new talent is key and traditional recruiting methods may not be as effective in identifying, securing, and retaining qualified candidates. These challenges are costly and frustrating for Partners and HR professionals and their effects impact many practice management areas.  Marketing professionals may even hear, “We are not interested in bringing in new clients right now because we do not have enough people to do the work.”  This is not the feedback that marketing professionals want to hear! 

  • Is the shortage of talent hindering your Firms’ ability to grow and invest in marketing?
  • Can marketing professionals address recruiting challenges by attracting new talent and retaining staff? 
  • What strategies and techniques have been successful in your Firm?
  • What are others doing and what has/hasn't worked?
  • Can your Firm’s membership in MGI – CPAAI help with this initiative?   

Our next Member Marketing Zoom call will be held on 24 June at the usual time of 11:30 am EDT (New York) / 16:30 pm BST (London) and we will address this timely and important topic!  Please join in the conversation that will include:

  • Hearing from marketing professionals with several member firms as they discuss collaborations with Partners and HR professionals to address the recruiting and staffing crisis.
  • Examples of presentations and promotional documents created to introduce and promote the firm to new prospective staff members, directors, and partners.
  • Promoting the firm as a ‘desirable firm of choice’ for candidates and highlighting the qualities that candidates seek, including diversity programs, quality culture, flexible work environments and schedules, additional benefits, beyond the traditional, and more!
  • Utilizing digital marketing and social media strategies and email campaigns for recruiting purposes.
  • Best practices for Marketing and HR professionals to effectively collaborate on recruiting initiatives.

As always, we encourage members to submit questions and ideas in advance of our call and come prepared to participate and contribute to our lively conversation.  If you prefer to join us to listen in and learn from other members, we welcome you too!  

This Zoom call is open to all members and all levels and we encourage Marketing, Business Development, HR, Firm Administrators, Partners to join us. 

If this topic generates more interest and conversation beyond the scope of our one-hour Zoom call, there will be additional opportunities to discuss this important issue in the coming weeks!


Thursday 24 June 2021

at the usual time of 11:30 AM EDT / 4:30 PM BST

or contact Maxine Brock at

We encourage members to ask questions and share your experiences with the Group.  We welcome input from as many MGI Worldwide and CPAAI firms as possible, and please turn on your webcams!


Thursday 8 July 2021
Thursday 22 July 2021

See you there on 24 June!

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