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Inspiring Stories: Growing Your Firm Through Changing Markets and Industries

16 September, 2021 10:00 CDT / 11:00 EDT / 16:00 BST

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Maxine Brock

International Marketing Director
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Start: 16 09 2021
End: 16 09 2021

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Open Call


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Thursday 16 September 2021
10:00 CDT (Minneapolis), 11:00 EDT (New York), 16:00 BST (London)


We’re excited to continue with our new series of ‘Inspiring Stories’, coming straight to you from our members firms – one of them could even be yours!

Whether you want to listen in, ask questions, or share your own inspiring story from your firm we can’t wait to have you on board.  

As a thriving and growing network, we have a wealth of know-how and plenty of ideas ‘worth spreading’ so let’s make the most of this amazing pool of resources at our fingertips and get inspired together!

30-minutes presentation and storytelling followed by live Q&A

with Boeckermann, Grafstrom & Mayer, LLC - Minneapolis, USA

Growing Your Firm Through Changing Markets and Industries

Join Dane Boeckermann, CPA and Principal at Boeckermann Grafstrom & Mayer (BGM), along with leaders from other BGM Group companies for an interesting conversation about how the firm has evolved since its founding in 1982. 

Beginning as a traditional accounting firm and evolving into what it is today – a group of companies known as BGM Group, offering creative business, financial, technology, and legal solutions.  Existing to comprehensively serve clients in a wide variety of areas and to meet their clients’ ever-changing needs.  This conversation will allow members to hear how BGM has made strategic business decisions and pivots to keep the firm growing, relevant, and forward thinking, and share stories of how they have navigated changing markets and industries.

Join BGM as they share

Join Dane Boeckermann (BGM CPAs), Jon Meyer (BGM Wealth Partners and Cornerstone), and Jeff Holds (Element Technologies) to hear more about:

  • The creation of the different BGM Group companies. 
    • Why we chose to do what we did?
    • How does this better service clients and prospects?
    • The value it brings to us as a business and to our clients.
    • While moving forward, we’ve maintained our roots as an entrepreneurial firm.
  • The launch/creation of new service lines, industries, or niches we serve that keep us relevant with the needs of clients.
    • Outsourced Accounting Services
    • Family Office Services
    • Cannabis
    • Services and expertise of other BGM Group Companies
  • Use of technology or software to move us forward
  • Strategic mergers and combinations for growth

Share your story and inspire fellow members to want to get to know you! 

Do you have an inspiring story to share?

Whether it’s a new approach to growing international business, building your network, a firm re-brand, new change in leadership, succession planning, or an office move that has benefited you in ways you couldn’t have predicted. Perhaps something special you are doing involving working in the local community or an initiative to raise moral and motivate staff, and anything between.

Share your story and your network will grow along with your relationships and your business.

For further details or to get in touch with an idea for an inspiring story you would like to share, please contact me at

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