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Marketing and Communications Zoom call

17 March, 2022 16:30 GMT (London) / 12:30 EST (New York)

Maxine Brock

International Marketing Director


Start: 17 03 2022
End: 17 03 2022

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Open Call


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Thursday 17 March 2022, 4:30 PM London time GMT / 12:30 EST

The SEO Ranking Factors for Your Firm

Gaining exposure and creating a buzz for your Firm’s brand is key to getting more clients and attracting top quality talent. In today’s digital world, prioritising both  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is more important than ever.

But, what exactly does that mean?

SEO refers to the process of ensuring your website is verified and compliant in the eyes of major search engines so that your site appears when prospective clients or talent place a search. 

SEM is an efficient way to ensure your Firm’s website can reach as many eyes as possible. SEM includes paid advertising, such as pay-per-click ads, PPC, Google Ads, and more. You can see immediate results through SEM and push your Firm up the ranks, so it appears directly under the search results when clients come searching. 

The age-old “rule of 7” marketing philosophy tells us that people need to make an impression with your Firm seven times before they are inspired to take action - and nowadays, it’s easier than ever to reach them. Tools like SEO and SEM are no longer optional but must-haves for your Firm to reach your ideal clients and candidates.

  • Why are SEO and SEM so powerful in today’s digital age?  
  • What can your Firm do to optimise your digital presence?  
  • What opportunities exist to maximise your business’s reach?  

During our next marketing zoom call on Thursday 17 March, we will hear from Guillermo Bravo, Chief Evangelist at MediaJel, an industry-leading SEO firm based in the San Francisco Bay area, California, USA.

About our Marketing & Communications calls

We hold regular Zoom Calls to enable Marketing, Communications and Business Development professionals across our network and association to come together, share ideas and get to know each other.  

These informal conversations are open to everyone. If you are responsible for Marketing, Communications or Business Development in your firm – then please come along and join us! 

See you 17 March!

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