Africa Area Meeting 2016 Highlights

Meeting Overview

The MGI Africa Area Meeting took place on the 10-11 November in the coastal city of Cape Town, South Africa.  12 delegates took part, representing member firms in Congo (Democratic Republic); Madagascar; Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa; and new member Baines Trust and Corporate Services, Mauritius.
MGI Africa Area main picture

Hosted by MGI Bass Gordon at their offices in the heart of Cape Town’s city centre, delegates had plenty of opportunity to network and talk with their fellow members and get to know each other better, while at the same time enjoying sweeping views of the city.

CEO, Clive Bennett, also presented an MGI Worldwide update and gave a demonstration of the quality assurance and audit independence systems.  

Dinner was enjoyed at “The Butcher Shop & Grill” on the sea front at Moulle Point. The food and wine were excellent and the atmosphere buzzing.

Meeting information:

Date: 10-11 November 2016
Venue: MGI Bass Gordon offices
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Host: MGI Bass Gordon
Attendees: 12 Delegates

Delegates in attendance:

Abraham Petersen (MGI Bass Gordon, Cape Town, South Africa)
Alan Schermbrucker (MGI Bass Gordon, Cape Town, South Africa)
Arthur Baguley (MGI Bass Gordon, Cape Town, South Africa)
Clive Bennett (CEO, MGI Worldwide)
Danny Nkuvu (Strong Nkv, Kinshasa, Congo, (Democratic Republic)
Gerald Diamond (MGI Bass Gordon, Cape Town, South Africa)
Hanitra Rasetarinera (QUALEX, Antananarivo, Madagascar)
Joel Berkowitz (MGI Bass Gordon, Cape Town, South Africa)
Juané Schreuder (MGI Bass Gordon, Cape Town, South Africa)
Mervyn Carrol (J.H. Smilg & Co, Johannesburg, South Africa)
Susan van de Valk (MGI Bass Gordon, Cape Town, South Africa)
Shakil Azeer (Baines Trust and Corporate Services, Ebene, Mauritius)

Presentation downloads:

MGI Worldwide Update, Clive Bennett

Meeting minutes:

MGI Africa Area Meeting minutes, 2016


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