2017 Global AGM Conference

Meeting Overview

This year’s Global AGM and special 70 Year anniversary celebration took place on the 18-20 October in the financial capital of continental Europe and most international city in Germany – Frankfurt. 

Held at the 5 star Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof which is renowned for being one of the best locations in Frankfurt with sights such as the Maintower, Römer square and Paulskirche only a few steps away, this special networking event attracted 143 delegates from all corners of the globe, including 21 accompanying persons and seven new member firms.

MGI World 1 Global AGM
MGI World 2 Global AGM 2017 Welcome
MGI World 3. Global AGM Welcome
MGI World 4. Global AGM Welcome
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MGI World 6. Global AGM Welcome

Congratulations to our hosts Alexander Leoff, Lothar Stache and Christoph Bollhauer from Votum AG who organised a wonderful event with plenty of opportunity for delegates to meet and interact with their international colleagues.

Successful member speed networking

The conference opened with the very successful and popular member speed networking session, where each delegate had opportunity to present his or her firm to most of the other delegates.

MGI World 1. MGI Speed networking
MGI World 2. Speed networking
MGI World 3. Speed networking
MGI World 4. Speed networking
MGI World 5. Speed networking
MGI World 6. Speed networking
MGI World 7. speed networking
MGI World 8. speed networking
MGI World 9. speed networking

Member success stories

A special thank you to; Alexander Leoff (Votum AG, Germany) and Philippe Boesmans (Van Herck & Co., Belgium), who shared their case study on growing international business; Morten Ryberg (Redmark, Denmark) and Erik Emilsson (Revideco, Sweden) who spoke about digital opportunities and Brad E. Mayer (Boeckermann, Grafstrom & Mayer, Minneapolis MN, USA) who shared his firms successes in diversifying and innovating in business.

Celebrating 70 years of MGI history

As part of the special celebratory event, Ed Fahey (MGI Chairman and Managing Partner of RINA accountancy corporation, USA) and Stephen Yeates (Managing Partner of founding member firm MGI Midgley Snelling, UK) shared some important milestones in our history and presented highlights from our 70-year timeline graphic.

MGI Worldwide timeline top

You can see our full 70-year timeline graphic and read more about our remarkable story online at this is our story.

Open space debating sessions

A lively and productive open space experience gave opportunity for delegates to generate debate among each other and get ideas and opinions. They could lead a debate on a topic of their choosing and were free to move from topic to topic or join groups together.

Inspiring speakers

The programme of speakers featured the economist, journalist and author Christoph Keese who spoke about service businesses in a wired world as the Executive Vice-President of a major German media company driving transformation; long-running Financial Times columnist and broadcaster who has presented several television and radio series for the BBC, Tim Harford who inspired delegates with a presentation on Facing Change and the disruptive world; and futurist, humanist and CEO of The Futures Agency, Gerd Leonhard who is listed by Wired Magazine as one of the top 100 most influential people in Europe and who finished with a thought-provoking talk about Technology and Our Future.

Other highlights included an annual global update from Ed Fahey (MGI Chairman) and Clive Bennett (MGI CEO); Marketing update from Maxine Brock (International Marketing Director); a report from the Technical Committee from Luis Uncal (MGI Jebsen & Co., Argentina), Dr. Michael Grüne (Prof. Dr. Binder, Dr. Dr. Hillebrecht u.Partner GmbH, Germany); Sharon J. Gregor (Selden Fox, USA) and Jo Parker (SWAT UK) and other MGI Matters including a presentation of the accounts, rules changes and notifications from Clive Bennett and Jonathan Farrow (MGI Company Secretary and Partner of MGI Midgley Snelling, UK).

New members

We were delighted to welcome seven new member in attendance this year; Krzysztof Pawowski from ABC Audit Sp. Z o.o., Poznan, Poland; Abderrahmen Amine, Nadia Yaich, Hamdi Kriaa from BFC Tunisia Tunis, Tunisia; Allison Walker and Paul Taylor from Freestone Jacobs Limited, Portsmouth, UK; Jane Lowdon, Nicola Corke, and Daniel Crawford from F. W Smith, Riches & Co., London. UK; Robert Hoberman from Hoberman & Lesser CPAs, LLP, New York, USA; Khalid Allaham from MGI MAA, Doha, Qatar; Derek Dervan and Vivian Nathan from Roberts Nathan, Dublin and Cork, Ireland.

MGI World 1. MGI New Member
MGI World 2. MGI new member
MGI World 3. MGI new member
MGI World 4. MGI new member
MGI World 5. MGI new member
MGI World 6. MGI new member
MGI World 7. MGI new member
MGI World 8. MGI new member
MGI World z new members

Exciting hospitality programme

The full programme of activity included some great event experiences across two unique venues, starting with the renowned Klassikstadt automotive museum for dinner, drinks and entertainment and which also included magic from Pit Hartling; plus an exclusive driving experience with BMW where delegates had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of some of BMW’s electric and futuristic models.

On the Friday delegates enjoyed the spectacular setting of the Senckenberg Museum of Natural History where delegates had the chance to see this very special venue illuminated at night, along with its fascinating exhibits for our grand finale gala dinner.

MGI World 1. AGM evening
MGI World 2. AGM evening
MGI World 3. AGM evening
MGI World 4. AGM evening
MGI World 5. AGM evening
MGI World 6. AGM evening
MGI World 7. AGM evening
MGI World 8. AGM evening
MGI World 9. AGM evening
MGI World 10. AGM evening
MGI World 11. AGM evening
MGI World 12. AGM evening
MGI World 13. AGM evening
MGI World 14. AGM evening
MGI World 15. AGM evening

Retiring members 

For three of our most distinguished members, this was their last attendance at an AGM before retirement. Des Caulfield and his wife Therese from MGI Adelaide in Australia, Andreas Gregoriou and his wife Rickey from MGI Gregoriou in Cyprus and Kari Saari from MGI Audit Oy were all warmly thanked for their outstanding service to MGI over many years and presented with special gifts by Ed Fahey and Erik Emilsson.

Presentation Downloads (PDF files):

Guest speaker: Christoph Keese, Service businesses in a wired world
Global update, Ed Fahey and Clive Bennett
Growing international business, Alexander Leoff and Philippe Boesmans
Digital opportunities, Morten Ryberg and Erik Emilsson
Diversifying and innovating, Brad E. Mayer
Celebrating 70-years of MGI history, Ed Fahey, Stephen Yeates
Marketing update, Maxine Brock
Marketing update – video highlights, Maxine Brock
Guest speaker: Tim Harford, Facing change in a disruptive world?
Guest speaker: Gerd Leonhard, Technology and our future
Report from the technical committee, Luis Uncal, Dr. Michael Grüne, Sharon J. Gregor
ABC Audit Sp. Z o.o., Krzysztof Pawowski
BFC Tunisia, Abderrahmen Amine, Nadia Yaich, Hamdi Kriaa
Freestone Jacobs Limited, Allison Walker and Paul Taylor
F. W Smith, Riches & Co., Jane Lowdon, Nicola Corke, and Daniel Crawford
Hoberman & Lesser CPAs, Robert Hoberman
MGI MAA, Khalid Allaham
Roberts Nathan, Derek Dervan, Vivian Nathan

Delegate Pack (including delegate list): 

2017 Global AGM Conference Delegate brochure (PDF)
Annual review brochure (Flipbook PDF)

Marketing Update highlights - watch video

Main conference photos

Global AGM Group photo

MGI World 12. Global AGM Welcome
MGI World 11. Global AGM Welcome
MGI World 10 Global AGM Welcome
MGI World 9. Global AGM Welcome
MGI World 8. Global AGM Welcome
MGI World 7. Global AGM Welcome
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