MGI Latin America Region meeting 2018

Meeting Overview

This years's MGI Latin America Region meeting took place in Quito, Ecuador, on 23-25 May and was hosted by MGI Guerra. The firm has been an MGI Worldwide member for the last 30 years, and this year celebrates its 35th anniversary.

MGI Guerra's anniversary celebration launched the meeting which will be remembered for its efficient organisation, wonderful weather, and lively conversation and networking that took place among the participants. It was one of the region’s best-attended meetings of the last few years attracting delegates from across the continent as well as MGI North America colleague, Vanesa Solá, from Taxas-based firm Frierson, Solá, Simonton & Kutac, PLLC

Meeting 9


There was a packed agenda over the two days, including going over administrative affairs, a debate on the value of being an MGI Worldwide member, and a presentation on “The outline of strategic thinking”.

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Opportunity to relax

There was also time for relaxation. On the first night, dinner took place in a well-known international restaurant, accompanied by violin music. The second night began with a fantastic tour of the city's historic centre, led by a passionate guide who delighted the group with his stories and anecdotes. The evening culminated with a fabulous dinner at the Plaza Grande boutique hotel, accompanied by a live band. Many people contributed to the wonderful atmosphere which ended the event on a high.

MGI World Evening 1
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Meeting information:

Date: 23-25 May 
Venue: Quito, Ecuador
Attendees: 28 delegates

Meeting downloads:

Delegate list

Meeting presentations:

CEO - Garantía de calidad
CEO - La realidad de los números
Andrea Pallas - Reporte de actividad regional
Analisis de MGI Latin America
Debate sobre el valor de membresía
Reporte y plan reclutmiento

To see additional photos and videos of the event, visit our Facebook page.

For more information contact the Regional Director for Latin America, Andrea Pallas 

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