Middle East & North Africa Area Meeting 2017

Meeting Overview

The MGI Middle East & North Africa Area Meeting this year took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on 25-26 January 2017. Held at the Braira Hotel Olaya in the financial district of Riyadh, our hosts Al-Subaie CPA’s & Consultants were pleased to welcome members from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Morocco, Oman and UAE. 

MGI Worldwide CEO, Clive Bennett, also in attendance said, "The meeting went very well and there was a great atmosphere among members. It was a pleasure to meet Abdul Majid Al Abri from MGI Vision Chartered Accountants which is our new member firm in Oman as well as Abdul Majeed Ashkanani from First Audit in Kuwait who I had not met before."

Faiyaaz Rajkotwala Ibrahim Al Subaie

Members benefited from an update on the MGI Quality Assesment providing further information on what to expect and how to prepare, while International Committee member for the Area, Faiyaaz Rajkotwala provided an Area update.

Mohamed Boumesmar from Audicis SARL in Morocco spoke about Collaborative Business Building followed by an update on marketing from MGI Worldwide by Clive Bennett. This was an opportunity to share the latest marketing initiatives and tools available and show how members can benefit.


Interview Faiyaaz and Khaled  Interview Mohamed Boumesmar  Interview Ibrahim Al Subaie 

Key outcomes from the meeting were:

  • A much greater interest in working together as an Area
  • A wish to use resources from the Area funds for marketing, in particular Arabic versions of some key documents (e.g. QA questionnaire, Client Video, some news items and so on). 
  • All members moving on production of websites
  • A better understanding of the QA process
  • Acceptance of recruitment in Iran, as well as other targets the area are already working on

Khaled, Faiyaaz, Clive, Ibrahim Abdul Majeed and Abdul Majid Al Abri

Thank you

Thank you to our hosts  Al-Subaie CPA’s & Consultants and to Faiyaaz Rajkotwala for organizing a sucessful meeting this year. Next year's meeting is scheduled to be in Beirut in January 2018.


Abdul MajeedMeeting Information:

Date: 25-26 January
Venue: Braira Hotel Olaya
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Attendees: 10 Delegates

Faiyaaz Rajkotwala, MGI Salim Rajkotwala, UAE
Ibrahim Al-Subaie, Al-Subaie CPAs, Saudi Arabia
Mohammed Tango, Al-Subaie CPAs, Saudi Arabia
Hamza Ahmed, Al-Subaie CPAs, Saudi Arabia
Mubarak Ahmed, Al-Subaie CPAs, Saudi Arabia
Khaled Jamal Masoud, Scientific Office, Jordan
Abdul Majeed Ashkanani, First Audit, Kuwait
Abdul Majid Al Abri, MGI Vision, Oman
Mohamed Boumesmar, Audicis, Morocco
Clive Bennett, MGI Worldwide, UK

Meeting Documentation:


Meeting downloads:

MGI Worldwide Update International Presentation (PDF)

Q&A Self Assessent Q&A Self Assessment Presentation (PDF)

MGI Worldwide Marketing Marketing Presentation (PDF)