UK & Ireland Partners & Managers Conference 2017

Meeting Overview

This year's UK & Ireland Managers & Partners Conference took place on 23-25 November at the Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel & Country Club near Birmingham, UK.

With a theme of "Client Experience" and variety of speakers including Iain Kirkpatrick of Metro Bank, Global Client Experience expert Ian Golding and Customer Service and Marketing professional Geoff Ramm, the meeting highlighted the importance of creating a great client experience as a key value of your firm. 

The meeting was well attended with representatives from across the UK and Ireland, with European colleagues from France, Germany, Hungary and Italy.  On the Friday evening, a representative from each firm was asked to share 60 seconds about their MGI experiences and the value this has brought to their firm in the last year. MGI took the opportunity to film these testimonials, the recordings of which will be shared with members very soon.

We also warmly welcomed three new members to their first UK & Ireland meeting; Paul and Allison from Freestone Jacobs in Portsmouth, Vivian, Donal, Derek and Patrick from Roberts Nathan in Dublin and Cork, Ireland and Martin, Jane, Daniel, Lois and Andy from F.W. Smith, Riches & Co. in London, UK.

Client Experience - How do your clients rate your firm

MGI World a Paul and Roger
MGI World 1. metro bank
MGI World 2. metro bank
MGI World 3. Ian Golding
MGI World 5. celebrity client
MGI World b. Roger

Thank you to our principle sponsors

Amy Harris and Richard Lattimer from Futrili, Mike Phillips and Sam Horner from Receipt Bank and Ian Phillips and Steve Neate from Xero.  

MGI World 1. Sponsor photo
MGI World 2. sponsor photo
MGI World 3. sponsor photo

Dinner and reflections on MGI

MGI World 1. networking
MGI World 2. networking
MGI World 3. networking
MGI World 4. networking
MGI World 5. networking
MGI World 6. networking
MGI World 7. networking
MGI World 8. networking
MGI World 9. networking
MGI World 10. networking
MGI World 11. networking
MGI World 12. networking


MGI World 1. member photo
MGI World 2. member photo
MGI World 3. member photo
MGI World 4. member photo
MGI World 6. member photo
MGI World 7. member photo
MGI World 8. member photo
MGI World 9. member photo
MGI World 12. member photo
MGI World 11. member photo
MGI World 13. Nigel
MGI World 14. Thomas

Presentation downloads

MGI Worldwide Update
Metro Bank - A Banking Distributor
An introduction to our joint principle sponsors - Frutrili, Receipt Bank and Xero
Client Experience - what's it all about and does it make a difference? - Ian Golding
MTG Crime & Regulatory presentation (.pptx file with video)
Celebrity Client - Geoff Ramm
Archover sponsor presentation
Bluefin sponsor presentation
Creditsafe sponsore presentation
Free stone Jacobs new member presentation
Robert Nathan new member presentation
F.W Smith, Riches & Co. new member presentation
Future of service delivery and the accounting industry - William Higham

Members 60 second testimonial videos will be available soon.

Seymour Taylor shares a video about the importance of client service:

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us this year. For more information please contact