Italy employment law update from MGI De Leone – Triunfo – Galloni & Associati

19th March 2015

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Major reforms of Italy’s employment laws designed to make the labour market more competitive will have far-reaching consequences for businesses.

The Jobs Act means important changes for any clients with operations in Italy as the law affects everything from welfare, unemployment benefits and pensions to actual contracts and employer duties.

MGI Europe member MGI De Leone – Triunfo – Galloni & Associati, which is based in Milan, has published a guide to explain the key facts of the law changes which it notes could "wreak profound changes on Italy's jobs market over the next few years".

The main new developments that have already been introduced or are about to be introduced are:

1) A new permanent employment contract that offers “rising levels of protection”.
2) A social contributions reduction on new hires.
3) Financial compensation (rather than compulsory reinstatement) for sacked workers.
4) Worker duty flexibility.
5) Simplification of the system by reducing the number of existing contract types.
6) Unemployment benefits NASPI and DIS-COL.
7) Simplification of apprenticeship contracts.
8) Wider opportunities to use “work vouchers” to pay for casual jobs.

Download the full update here

To contact MGI De Leone – Triunfo – Galloni & Associati about these far-reaching changes, head to the firm’s website or MGI World member profile page.

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