Argentinian firm connects key client to MGI members in 8 Latin American countries

8th August 2016

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MGI Jebsen & Co. discusses how MGI Worldwide membership has enabled the firm to better service clients across Latin America in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Ecuador, Peru and internationally.

MGI Jebsen & Co. has provided high-quality auditing, tax advice and legal consulting services to a range of national and international clients for 45 years, and the firm has been a long-standing member of MGI Worldwide for almost 30 years.

The firm is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but the vast majority of its clients are located outside Latin America - 45 per cent are European, while 15 and 11 per cent are in the USA and Asia, respectively.

How MGI Worldwide membership helps meet multinational needs

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Luis Uncal, Partner at MGI Jebsen & Co., explained that his firm’s multinational clients expect advisers, consultants and auditors to have access to sophisticated international networks and for that, MGI Worldwide is invaluable.

According to Luis, having the MGI-prefix puts the firm’s membership with a top global accounting network front and centre of the discussion when meeting new clients. Businesses often ask what ‘MGI’ means and Jebsen & Co. can explain the affiliation and its benefits.

Connecting a key client to MGI Latin American members

Luis provided an example of how MGI Worldwide membership has delivered significant benefits not only to his firm but also other members within the network.

One of the world’s largest and most successful air system suppliers was established in Argentina many years ago, and MGI Jebsen & Co. had developed a strong professional relationship with the company over the years.

The bond was so strong that when the client began expanding into other countries across the Latin American region, it asked Luis’ firm to provide recommendations for auditors and tax advisers in these nations.

MGI Jebsen & Co. submitted proposals and connected the client to MGI members in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Ecuador and Peru.

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Giving back to MGI Worldwide members through training

MGI Jebsen & Co. has been an MGI Worldwide member for many years, and Luis feels the long-running relationship between the two organisations highlights the deep affinity they share.

He confirmed that his firm is an active member that tries to participate in every Area Meeting, including those overseas. Furthermore, MGI Jebsen & Co. is extremely proactive in providing other members with training.

Luis is planning on giving a short presentation of his Case Study at our 2016 Global AGM in Santiago, Chile.

Download the full MGI Member case study (PDF) HERE

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MGI Jebsen & Co. is a member of MGI Latin America, part of MGI Worldwide, a Top 20 ranked global accounting network of independent audit, tax and accounting firms, with some 5,000 professionals in over 250 locations around the world.

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