Mexico-based Despacho Zesati y Cía., S.C., founding member of CPAAI in Latin America, makes the move to the MGI Worldwide network

14th July 2021

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Determined to embrace change and remain a leader in its field, Despacho Zesati y Cía., S.C., in Mexico City, has taken the exciting decision to join the MGI Worldwide global accountancy network.

Founded by Roberto Zesati in 1976, Despacho Zesati was the founding member of CPAAI in Latin America in 1978, and the first firm, outside of the USA, to join the association.

After 43 years as members of CPAAI, the move to MGI Worldwide is a bold and significant step for them, but as Partner Cuauhtemoc Contreras explains:

“We have always been willing to take risks to stay ahead and, for this reason, we wanted to be one of the first CPAAI firms to join the network.”

Despacho Zesati is keen to be an active and involved member of MGI Worldwide and is ready to invest the time to get the most out of their membership. We are delighted to have them on board!

Meet the Partners

Key sectors

The firm, with a total of 60 staff, including five partners, serves a variety of areas from commercial and industrial sectors, to the service industry and NGO’s – in particular the automotive, insurance, chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as sports clubs, airlines and hotels, all within the private sector.

With important business links with the USA, as well as Colombia, Argentina and Brazil, Despacho Zesati recognises the importance of belonging to an established international network that will enable it to better service its clients’ needs. Cuauhtemoc explains,

“At Despacho Zesati our philosophy is to always be at the forefront, innovating, and always taking the next step forward. Being part of the MGI Worldwide Network will help us to better connect with our colleagues and clients globally around the world.”


Despacho Zesati is not trying to be the biggest firm, but they do aim to be the best. As a firm they work hard to offer the highest possible standards of personalised service to their clients. This has certainly paid off, as seen by the firm’s many longstanding clients, including one who has been with them for 45 years!

This focus on quality is extended to Despacho Zesati’s staff. The firm recognises that to maintain top levels of service, it is important to invest in people, so employees are offered regular training, quality office spaces and dedicated HR. Cuauhtemoc sums up,

“We are convinced that a team of happy collaborators leads to a better client service, and we trust that being part of the network will help in this process of integration, training and motivation of our staff.”

Collaboration in Latin America

Collaboration amongst firms within the Latin America Region, especially since the merger, is strong. United by a common goal of providing a better client service, the region’s 48 firms often work closely together, collaborating and sharing knowledge and resources and ultimately strengthening the MGI Worldwide brand and their own businesses. Cuauhtemoc concludes,

“In Latin America we rely on close integration and collaboration between all firms; we have worked together day-by-day following the merger and we are proud of the path we have traveled so far.”

MGI Latin America continues to take positive strides as its CPAAI firms lead the way in transitioning to the MGI Worldwide network. Out of a total of 20 CPAAI firms that have started or completed the process globally, eight are from the Latin America region!

You can find out more about our new member at their website or on their firm profile page.

Are you considering joining our network?

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MGI Worldwide with CPAAI, is a top 20 ranked global accounting network and association with almost 10,000 professionals, accountants and tax experts in some 460 locations in over 100 countries around the world.

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