Global Meeting guest speaker Bronwyn Williams takes a look at the impact of disruptive emerging trends - Recording now available!

12th November 2021

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Speaking at the MGI Worldwide CPAAI 2021 Global Meeting, Bronwyn Williams, Futurist, Economist and Business Trends Analyst, takes a look at the impact of disruptive emerging trends. The counterbalanced twin trends of centralisation and decentralisation are redefining our social contracts and redrawing the balance between financial freedom and safety. Watch the recording of her presentation to discover how socioeconomic and technological trends are converging to disrupt the world of finance.

The Barbarians at the Gate

Titled 'The Barbarians at the gate', Bronwyn's talk looks particularly at the future of finance, with a particular focus on unpacking the emerging threats and opportunities in and around the financial industry, and giving some perspective on the impact that these trends will have on the business strategies of accountants, CAs, financial planners and financial directors.

Listen to Bronwyn's recording for an insightful look into the coming mega trends to take advantage of the changes and challenges that lie ahead.

A recording of his presentation is now available in the Webinars section of the member area.

Watch the recording of Bronwyn Williams' presentation

This video is password protected. For the password please visit the Webinars page in the member area or contact

About Bronwyn Williams

Bronwyn Williams is a Futurist, Economist and Business Trends Analyst.

Bronwyn has over a decade’s experience in strategic management, trend research and foresight; consulting to clients in the public and private sector across the African continent. Her educational credentials include tertiary qualifications in Marketing Management (University of Johannesburg), Economics (University of London), Foresight (University of Manchester), and Future Studies (University of Stellenbosch). She is currently completing a Masters in Applied Economics from the University of Bath.

Today, as a partner at Flux Trends, Bronwyn’s research focuses on how macro socio-economic trends and emerging technologies will impact businesses, industries, and nations in the near and long term future. Part economist, part strategist, Bronwyn’s particular areas of expertise include fintech trends, alternative economic models, and sustainable future design.

MGI Worldwide with CPAAI is a top 20 ranked global accounting network and association with almost 10,000 professionals, accountants and tax experts in some 460 locations in almost 100 countries around the world.

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