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MGI World Learning lessons from HP and Autonomy

Learning lessons from HP and Autonomy

6th February 2014

New revelations in the ongoing dispute between HP and Autonomy highlight a number of important...

MGI World Unlocking Ukraine’s private-sector potential

Unlocking Ukraine’s private-sector potential

5th February 2014

Ukraine’s private sector has the tools to drive the country forward, but is being held back from...

MGI World Kenyan farmers benefiting from carbon credits

Kenyan farmers benefiting from carbon credits

4th February 2014

Kenyan farmers in the west of the nation are now capitalising on carbon credits generated by...

MGI World Nations with low tax systems are attracting foreign investment

Low tax systems attracting foreign investment

4th February 2014

Nations with low tax systems are beating the competition in the global race for foreign investment,...

MGI World Tax revenues in Latin America generally remain lower than those in the OECD

Latin American tax revenues lower than OECD rates

3rd February 2014

Latin American tax revenues are continuing to rise, according to new research, but they are still...

MGI World The European Commission has commissioned a review of the effect of IFRS on Europe

European Commission launches review of IFRS

29th January 2014

The European Commission has launched a review investigating the effects of using IFRS within the...

MGI World The Big Four China units have been banned from conducting audits of US companies for the next six months

'Big Four' China units face six month ban over U.S. audits

28th January 2014

A six-month suspension should be put in place in order to prevent Chinese units of the global ‘Big...