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CEO at MGI Worldwide global accounting network, Clive Viegas Bennett, visits accountancy group member firms in Brazil

8th May 2018

In April, Clive Viegas Bennett, CEO at global accounting association MGI Worldwide, travelled to...

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How membership of an accounting networking group can help small and medium-sized accounting practices and their SME clients

3rd May 2018

Successful accounting practices tend to have developed networks and cooperate with other...

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International network accounting firms in North America comment on US tax reforms

12th April 2018

Regulatory changes and economic uncertainty are giving CPAs in North America plenty of food for...

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MGI Worldwide ranked among North America's top accounting networks

4th April 2018

Global accounting network MGI Worldwide ranks 17th among the top international accounting networks...

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MGI Worldwide to host GDPR compliance webinar this week

27th March 2018

Figures show just one-third of firms are ready for GDPR. With less than two months to go until its...

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MGI Worldwide ranks number 16 in list of world's top accounting networks

5th February 2018

MGI Worldwide is delighted to announce its continued place among the world's largest international...

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Warsaw-based Modzelewski & Partners advises on changes to Polish tax law

31st January 2018

Warsaw-based Modzelewski & Partners sp. z o.o., a member of the global accounting alliance in...

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MGI UK & Ireland firms comment on UK's current audit and accounting climate

26th January 2018

Accounting experts belonging to three MGI Worldwide member firms have commented on the current...

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MGI Jebsen & Co. provides a summary of the Argentinean tax reforms

15th November 2017

MGI Latin America member MGI Jebsen & Co. has provided a summary on the incoming tax reforms in...