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Our Meetings

In Europe, MGI Worldwide with CPAAI member firms benefit from a range of regional and Area-wide meetings.  As well as an annual Area meeting, the four regional Circles also meet most years. In addition Practice Groups, driven by active members focusing on specific professional interests, also meet regularly. All meetings are open to all members to attend.

MGI Worldwide with CPAAI meetings provide networking opportunities to build relationships, participate and share with fellow members throughout the year. To find out more information and to register, members can go to: Members Area > Meetings.

You can click on the links below to see highlights from our meetings.

Meetings in 2020

Event Date Location
European Talent Meeting 06 - 07 February CDG Airport, Paris, France
European Central Circle Meeting  25 May Virtual
MGI Worldwide with CPAAI Global Meeting 22 October Virtual

Meetings in 2019

Event Date Location
European Talent Meeting 10 - 11 January Heathrow Airport, London, UK
European Central Circle Meeting 11 - 12 April Hamburg, Germany
European Region Meeting 13- 15 June Stockholm, Sweden
MGI Global AGM 23 - 25 October Dubai, UAE

View our 2019 MGI Talent Meeting video


View our 2108 European Region Meeting Video

View our 2105 European Region Meeting Video

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  • What our members say

    “MGI helps give another dimension to our business. We have growing clients, clients that go abroad, that need the extra service and where we can’t follow them personally, we need reliable partners, people we like and trust.”

    Thomas Althoff, MGI Member RLT Ruhrmann Wüller & Partner, Germany

  • What our members say

    Kerem Engin explains how his choice of joining MGI Worldwide was due to the business potential that being closely connected to colleagues globally brings to AND Bağımsız Denetim A.Ş. 

    Kerem EnginMGI Worldwide member AND Bağımsız Denetim A.Ş., Turkey



  • What our members say

    “It’s important we show customers we are a worldwide organisation and that we can help them develop in countries all over the world with trusted people.”

    Stéphane Loubières, MGI member FCN, France

  • What our members say

    “The more time you invest in MGI, the more referrals and engagement you will get back. MGI is a great part of our lives and not something we can separate from our business. Whatever we do, we do it as a MGI member firm.”

    Laszlo Killik, MGI member BPO AUDIT TAX, Hungary

  • What our members say

    “MGI is very important for us. The very fact that our clients know we can help them everywhere in the world, assists us and strengthens our firm.”

    Menashe Knobel, MGI member Knobel Beltzer Soraya & Co. Israel

Join the MGI accounting network

At MGI we are actively seeking new member accounting firms to increase our presence in Europe. If you would like to join other MGI accounting firms and be part of a global accounting group, please register here.