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MGI World image of Laszlo and all other participants on zoom call

Member News

From Hungary to Italy, members unite on key issues dealing with COVID-19 26th March 2020

MGI with CPAAI members join together to discuss impact of Coronavirus outbreak

MGI World Collage of 3 pictures of George Farrugia with MGI Malta and MGI Worldwide logos and thank you message

Member News

As George Farrugia from MGI Malta enters retirement, we look back fondly at over 30 years of his time as an active member of our global accountancy network 25th March 2020

George Farrugia from international accounting association member firm MGI Malta retires

MGI World Group picture of MGI Europe and CPAAI EMEA board members

Meeting highlights

Board members of MGI Europe and CPAAI EMEA met in Paris to plan together for the future. 16th March 2020

First meeting of the Board members of CPAAI EMEA and MGI Europe accounting network and association

MGI World Screenshot of MGI Modzelewski's website image

Member News

MGI Modzelewski launches new video promoting their international expertise and introducing their Warsaw-based team 11th March 2020

Accounting association member firm MGI Modzelewski launch video to promote their international capabilities

MGI World BPO Audit Tax travel blog speaks about 2020 MGI Talent Meeting

Member News

BPO Audit Tax publishes travelogue following another successful European talent meeting in Paris, on 6-7 February 5th March 2020

Hungary-based accounting network member firm BPO Audit Tax publish travelogue following MGI Talent Meeting

MGI World Profile pictures of Florian Hanslik and Francesco Bartolucci with PrimeTax AG and Studio Pragma logos

Member News

MGI World modern office building with green tinted windows

Member News

Longstanding network member, MGI Malta, announces change of management structure as founding partner George Farrugia, plans his transition into retirement 28th February 2020

MGI Malta make changes to their mangement structure ahead of George Farrugia's retirement

MGI World 2020 MGI Talent Meeting - conference room

Meeting highlights

Watch this year's Talent Meeting video: See 22 countries represented and a record number of young professionals attending! 26th February 2020

The 2020 MGI Talent Meeting attracted ninety-six delegates from our global accounting network and association