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Don't forget to sign up for the 2020 Talent Meeting! 14th January 2020

MGI Worldwide with CPAAI welcomes members to the 2020 MGI Talent Meeting in Paris

MGI World Profile picture of Pierpaolo Vannucci with MGI Vannucci logo and "Retiring to Southern Italy: interesting tax reductions" overlaid

Member News

Do you have clients considering a move to Italy? Italian government offers tax reductions to foreign pensioners 31st December 2019

MGI Vannucci & Associati, member of MGI Worldwide accounting network, publishes article in Grapevine magazine

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MGI Malta finds creative way to enhance exposure to their firm and the MGI Worldwide brand 27th December 2019

Enhancing exposure to the MGI Worldwide accounting network brand

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MGI's BHP formally merge with renowned law firm Menold Bezler on 1 January 2020 10th December 2019

MGI Worldwide member firm BHP and law firm Menold Bezler formally merge on January 1, 2020

MGI World Profile picture of Pierpaolo Vannucci + article title "Benefits for new residents in Italy"

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Need to know more about the new tax benefits for foreign workers who decide to live in Italy? Pierpaolo Vannucci explains 3rd December 2019

Pierpaolo Vannucci, explains why people who want to live in Italy can now save more on taxes

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MGI Worldwide looks forward to welcoming young talent and professionals from around the world to the exciting 2020 MGI Talent Meeting 28th November 2019

MGI Worldwide accounting network announces its 2020 MGI Talent Meeting to be held in Paris on 6-7 February

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Are you up to date on the latest reporting obligations for posted workers within the EU? 20th November 2019

Posted workers within the EU/EEA and Switzerland face increased controls

MGI World Profile picture of Pierpaolo Vannucci + the title of Grapevine's October issue and MGI Vannucci & Associati logo

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Pierpaolo Vannucci, from Italy-based member firm MGI Vannucci & Associati, publishes new article explaining the Taxation of Foreign Dividends in Italy 30th October 2019

MGI Worldwide member, Pierpaolo Vannucci, publishes article on the Taxation of Foreign Dividends in Italy