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Why quality matters in MGI

8th May 2014

Quality 2

A key driver in formalising the MGI network is our need to implement a rigorous quality system, which is not allowed in an association or alliance. This will require significant expenditure from our existing budget and some modest charges to network members. So why is it so important?

The two main reasons members told us they join MGI:

  •  To offer worldwide coverage to clients.
  • To enhance reputation through membership of a global organisation.

Both of these require reliable, provable quality among members. We do not have that now because we have no global quality systems. The system we are proposing for the network will involve continuous self review, monitoring and regular external review. It will be set up and supervised by one of the world’s leading experts on audit quality and networks.

The effect on quality around the world will be great, especially in countries where quality review is weak or non-existent – at least as great as the major improvements resulting from the implementation of rigorous quality and independence monitoring and review in North America and Europe in the last decade.

If you send business abroad you need to be sure of the quality of the firm looking after your precious client. If you tell the world you are a member of MGI, you want be able to say, honestly, that “MGI means quality”.

Quality in MGI is about improving client service, reputation, competitiveness…your business. Why would you not want MGI to have an effective quality system?

Clive Viegas Bennett | CEO

PS I will be publishing a detailed network implementation plan in the coming weeks. This will contain important information about the quality system, costs and procedures..