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Exploiting the values of the ISO certification

8th September 2014


An interview with Menashe Knobel from Knobel Beltzer Soraya & Co.

What were the greatest challenges that your people had to face with in regards of the implementation of the ISO system during the past 6 months?

The ISO 9001 together with the Service Charter – forced us to analyze (check the performance and the efficiency) and to document almost every procedure in our firm.

The new procedures were mainly related to administrative, professional (quality control), service, employees’ welfare, employees training, marketing and clients’ relations.

The biggest challenge was to change the state of mind of the staff and to convince them to collaborate with the new procedures and to analyze (document and report) many procedures they didn’t pay attention to them in the past.

Another challenge was to follow up the performance of the procedures and to find the extra time needed for the performance.

At start it was a burden but when the staff and the Partners get used to it we all could see how much it improves the firm – but we must say the work has not finished and we still have a lot of work to do.

How this quality assurance system has been helping you to better manage your accounting firm?

As mentioned before we improved our:

  • Administrative procedures such as the procurement processes (reducing costs) and such as improvements in managing the secretariat – make the administrative work efficient for the staff and for the clients.
  • Employees procedures such as welfare (events, happy hours once a month, trips ect.), training, employees rights and employees track progress- improve the professional ability, the atmosphere and the sense of security (for the employees) in the office.
  • Service Charter helped us to identify in real time dissatisfied client and in most cases “save” the client and of course improve the service –keep it on a high level and on time.

How do you exploit the marketing value of the certification?

We informed our clients that we got the certification after we past the “Big Examine ” (which was not easy) and we are going to be examined every year and we have to be approved again at the end of each year in order to keep the certificate –”we are running for a long distance”.

We emailed them the Service Charter that contains strict rules regarding our service obligations.

Both (the ISO certificate and the Service Charter) are framed in pictures that are scattered (hanging on the walls) all over the office.

We also present them in our Website.

The clients appreciate our efforts to improve our selves regarding the services we give them and we even sense that most of them (we are working on the others) are proud to be part of our firm.

We can say that it’s an additional giant brick in our reputation wall almost such as joining MGI.

Has ISO certifications helped you to improve your relationships with clients?

Part of the ISO was to make a Client Satisfaction Survey. From the Survey we learned a lot about our weak points regarding our services and start to work on repairing. Beyond that we adopted a policy of updating clients through client events, sending (through mail and email) professional updates and initiate updating and marketing meetings with key and relevant clients. And as mentioned before the Service Charter helped us to identify in real time dissatisfied client and in most cases we succeed in solving the client problems, calm them down the and prevent crisis- and of course improve the service –keep it on a high level and on time.