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Italy-Malta-Tunisia collaboration pays off for MGI members

19th January 2015

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MGI members in Italy, Malta and Tunisia worked closely to deliver a range of services to an international firm, Protecno.

The experience of Studio Pragma, MGI Malta and Ace Consulting shows how collaboration can yield big benefits for members which extends across two Areas; MGI in Europe and MGI in the Middle East & North Africa.

The client

Protecno Srl plans, produces and installs machines for water desalination, working in countries that have water issues.

The company needed support to carry on projects in two different areas, Malta and Tunisia, and the expertise of the staff of MGI Malta and Ace Consulting in Tunisia helped the company to perfectly set up its business in both countries.


The collaboration started when Francesco Bartolucci at Studio Pragma got in touch about one of the firm’s Italian clients, Protecno, which had signed deals to deliver services in Malta and Tunisia.

“Francesco asked for our assistance to handle Protecno's positions in Tunisia. Initially, the request was about one position, then they decided to transfer all the positions of Protecno (five) to our office,” says Mehdi Rebai, senior manager at Ace Consulting.

Meanwhile, Francesco also made contact with George Farrugia, partner and director at MGI Malta, to help solve Protecno’s VAT registration problem for its contract there.

In both cases, the expertise and local knowledge of the member firms was coupled with an ability to converse directly with partners. Certainly the process was made a lot easier by the fact that both George and Mehdi speak English and Italian.

MGI benefits

It’s fair to say that being part of the MGI alliance was crucial for Ace Consulting and MGI Malta in this case.

“As representative of MGI Tunisia, I think it seemed to be obvious for Francesco to contact us in order to help one of his clients regarding his contracts in our country,” says Mehdi.

George goes even further, saying: “Were we not a member of MGI, I seriously doubt whether Francesco would have approached our office.”

And the perspective from Italy? Francesco says: “Being part of the MGI network is an important source of knowledge and a value-add for our firms.”

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