Meeting Registration

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GDPR MGI Worldwide Privacy Notice for meetings registration

Who and where we are

MGI UK & Ireland is the organiser of the meeting on behalf of MGI Worldwide.

Questions regarding your personal data are held by Paul Winder and should be addressed to who is responsible for the data.

Whose personal data do we hold and process

Attendees at the meeting including, where applicable, accompanying persons.

What personal data do we collect and process, how is it obtained and where is it held?

Name, firm, location, professional email address and profile photograph. Name of accompanying person, if you have any.

Special food or other requirements.

Data is collected on registration online by participants or their representatives. Data is kept in a database linked to the meeting website and is shared, when required, with meeting organisers, the hotel and other meeting venues and excursions organisers.

How do we use and process the personal information indicated above?

The data may used to:

  1. Ensure delegate places and rooms are booked in accordance with your wishes and, where required by you, special food or other facilities are provided for you.
  2. Share information with other members in a meeting directory showing: name, firm, location, profile photo and, if relevant, accompanying person names for the accompanying persons’ programme.
  3. Share delegate contact information (firm name, contact name, email address) with conference sponsors.

The lawful basis for the processing of personal data

The personal data referred to in this notice is collected and processed under the Legitimate Interests basis of the GDPR. We have carried out an assessment of our legitimate interests in the data to ensure that we meet the legal requirements.  The Legitimate Interests of MGI Worldwide are to enable and stimulate the exchange of business and knowledge among member firms by meeting together.

We can supply you with a copy of our Legitimate Interests Assessment on request.

Viewing, amending and removing your individual data

You can request your data held for meeting registration at any time and ask for it to be amended.  If you cancel your registration (subject to cancellation conditions), your data will be deleted.

Do we share your data outside MGI Worldwide or use it for any other purposes?

No. We do not share the data in registrations with any third parties other than organisers, the hotel and meeting venue managers and with printers to print the meeting directory as described above. Fellow MGI Worldwide members may also see the names and firms of all those registered for the meeting as well as the names of accompanying persons.

We only use your data for the purposes described in this notice.