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MGI World Managing partners from the MGI UK & Ireland accounting network gather online

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Managing partners from the UK & Ireland gather online to re-connect and share ideas on managing their practice during the pandemic 6th April 2020

Accounting network and association managing partners from the UK & Ireland have gathered online to share ideas

MGI World BPO Audit Tax travel blog speaks about 2020 MGI Talent Meeting

Member News

BPO Audit Tax publishes travelogue following another successful European talent meeting in Paris, on 6-7 February 5th March 2020

Hungary-based accounting network member firm BPO Audit Tax publish travelogue following MGI Talent Meeting

MGI World 2020 MGI Talent Meeting - conference room

Meeting highlights

Watch this year's Talent Meeting video: See 22 countries represented and a record number of young professionals attending! 26th February 2020

The 2020 MGI Talent Meeting attracted ninety-six delegates from our global accounting network and association

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Member News

Don't forget to sign up for the 2020 Talent Meeting! 14th January 2020

MGI Worldwide with CPAAI welcomes members to the 2020 MGI Talent Meeting in Paris

MGI World Kevin Thomas, Ken Yeung and Alan Worsdale celebrate 40 years with MGI

Member News

Incredible milestone with 40 years of membership for MGI’s UK-based Rickard Luckin Limited and Hong Kong-based Kenneth Chau & Co. 13th December 2019

Rickard Luckin (UK) and Kenneth Chau & Co (Hong Kong) recently celebrated 40 years with MGI Worldwide

MGI World Computer circuit with MGI Talent meeting date & place overlaid

Member News

MGI Worldwide looks forward to welcoming young talent and professionals from around the world to the exciting 2020 MGI Talent Meeting 28th November 2019

MGI Worldwide accounting network announces its 2020 MGI Talent Meeting to be held in Paris on 6-7 February

MGI World Image of book and concurrent evidence or hot-tubbing title

Industry News

Fancy a dip in the hot-tub? Roger Isaacs, Partner at Milsted Langdon reveals interesting aspects of forensic accounting 18th October 2019

Roger Isaacs, Partner at member firm Milsted Langdon discusses hot-tubbing procedure