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Northern Region Meeting

9th July 2013

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As you know, I like to visit each firm individually to find out what’s going on in their world, to deal with MGI matters and to help identify and encourage opportunities for firms to work together, writes Paul Winder.

In addition to this, I am intending to hold regular meetings with firms in each of our regions – Northern,Midlandsand Southern – to discuss MGI matters and any issues affecting them. My apologies to our Irish member firm – I am not yet sure how I can make this work for you.

The first Northern Region meeting took place on 22 May at Watson Buckle’s office and involved four people from Watson Buckle, two from CI Accountancy and one from our newest member firm, Bishops.

The meeting provided an opportunity for members to share with close neighbours details of their key skills and how these might be put to use in areas in which they wish to expand but need the support of another MGI member firm – an overt cross-selling opportunity.

Matters raised by Watson Buckle included the tax skills available inBradford, along with a desire to grow their offering to the academies sector, although they are strong in the charities sector. There were also discussions about growing their audit specialism and carrying out this function for smaller local firms.

The strong tax background of Gary Killmister at CI Accountancy was also discussed, along with his considerable experience in dealing with trusts and how this could benefit other members’ clients.

For Andrew Tabernacle of Bishops, the meeting provided an ideal opportunity to find out about other firms’ specialisms, including their tax offerings, as well as their experience in the charities sector. In terms of where Bishops can help other members, Andrew talked about low-cost outsourcing for accounts preparation and payroll work.

Overall, the afternoon gave rise to some useful interaction and it is now up to those who were present to take any opportunities further.