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A message from SWAT UK, the principal sponsor of the 2014 MGI UK and Ireland Partners and Managers Conference

27th March 2014

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Having worked with MGI on many projects in recent years, including attendance at the Partners and Managers Conference at Legoland last year, SWAT UK is delighted to be the principal sponsor at this year’s conference in November.

SWAT UK is one of the largest accountancy training providers in the country, providing training and compliance support for accountants throughout the UK.

SWAT UK’s training programme offers a choice of over 500 courses running at public venues throughout the UK and as online webinars. It also provides specialist courses for areas such as anti-money laundering, personal development and topical matters, including probate.

With regards to compliance support, SWAT UK provides compliance review services as well as products that support you and your firm in complying with regulations on a day to day basis. These cover areas such as anti-money laundering, audit, practice assurance/quality checked and tax.

SWAT UK also has a Graduate Recruitment Scheme in which it takes care of the initial stages of the recruitment and selection process, delivering quality candidates to the firms for them to select. SWAT UK supports these students through their training to Chartership, along with students from other firms that have not come through the Graduate Scheme.

In addition to participating in this year’s conference, the team from SWAT UK will also be attending numerous MGI events throughout the year. We look forward to working with MGI and its member firms.

Find out more on our website at or call us on 0845 450 5555.