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HB&O help Coventry students kick-start sporting activities at primary schools in Uganda

29th October 2014

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A group of Coventry students have helped to kick-start sporting activities at primary schools in Uganda.

Eleven pupils along with deputy head teachers Sue Webb and Andrew Morgan from Caludon Castle School on Axholme Road in Coventry have taken part in a project to boost sports and learning activities at primary schools in the Ugandan capital, Kampala.

The 12-day trip was organised as part of Africa Inspires – a London 2012-inspired project, led by Coventry Sports Foundation, which aims to establish the delivery of sport and PE activities in Ugandan schools and provide pupils with clean drinking water.

Throughout the trip students delivered a variety of sports coaching sessions along with classroom-based activities and also helped to maintain a 30,000 litre water harvesting tank which had been installed at Family Primary School in 2012.

The group raised around £12,000 for the project with Coventry and Warwickshire based accountants Harrison Beale & Owen among the first to pledge their support.

A donation provided by the firm helped to buy 320 new reading books for the school along with 190 mosquito nets, new shoes for the schoolchildren and additional sports equipment.

Harriet Cummins, who lives in Coventry, was one of three student leaders to embark on the trip having first taken part in the project back in 2012.

The 18-year-old said: “It is such a fantastic project to be involved in and all of the primary schoolchildren really benefit from the additional sport and learning opportunities.

“It is incredible to see the children eager to take part and learn a new sport. Before the project started a lot of the children had never played sport before and now they can play tag rugby, netball and football on a regular basis.”

She added: “I was lucky enough to attend Caludon Castle’s second trip to Uganda in 2012 where we helped to install a water harvesting tank to provide clean drinking water and it is great to see how much the schools have developed and improved since then.

“It is really important that we continue to raise awareness for the project and having local companies such as HB&O on board is key.”

Wayne Gutteridge, of HB&O, added: “Africa Inspires is a terrific local project that really helps to make a difference to the lives of the children living in Uganda.

“We really wanted to help support the youngsters in Coventry who were volunteering their time to such an important cause.

“We are delighted that the schoolchildren in Uganda have benefited from our contribution which helped to provide necessary supplies to enhance their school experience.”