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Introducing a new MGI member firm – Ambit Assessor

29th October 2014

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We are delighted to introduce a new MGI member – Ambit Assessor from Barcelona, Spain. 

Managing Director Marc Ivars told us a bit about himself and the company and explained why they joined MGI:

Marc has been managing Ambit Assessor for 15 years now. He is a lawyer and Master in Tax and Financial Business. For years he lectured and taught in public finance and fiscal law before devoting his time to the growing firm.

Based in Barcelona, Ambit Assessor provides legal and financial consulting services offering comprehensive advice through a staff of more than 20 and strong collaborations with some of the best Spanish experts in specific areas e.g. Audits, Transfer Pricing and Data Protection. The company specialises in Tax Planning, Mergers & Acquisitions, Management Control and Corporate and Labour Law.

Established over 30 years ago, the firm now has two offices, 2 managing directors and 5 professional partners with a high degree of expertise in the legal and financial sectors.

The firm felt it was an ideal time to join MGI because of the excellent international network facilities that the alliance can offer. Ambit Assessor see this as a great opportunity and expects to help other members too as they exchange and share valuable knowledge.

Marc said : “It is very important for us because we are a company dedicated to our customers and to have access to worldwide knowledge can really bring benefits for them, especially since many of these clients are now investing around the world. Additionally, I think that Spain has a very attractive and competitive economy, is an important International business hub and we’ll be happy to help companies to invest and establish in our territory.”

“At Ambit Assessor we have a great balance of economists and lawyers, with expertise in both legal and financial areas. We are honest and well prepared professionals with a great deal of experience. I think that we have much to offer our customers and now our fellow MGI members.”