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Focus on… Modzelewski and Partners

8th January 2015

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Grzegorz Modzelewski is the managing partner of Modzelewski and Partners; an independent Polish tax and audit firm.

Established in 2007 by his father, Krzysztof Modzelewski – a well-known figure in Polish accounting – Modzelewski and Partners is a small firm comprising of 15 people and two partners. Krzysztof is the firm’s senior partner and still very active in day to day business. He is responsible for structural tax advisory services and oversees the team that provides VAT-compliance services. Grzegorz joined the firm after graduating from the School of Economics in Warsaw, Faculty of Finance and Banking, having specialised in accounting and spending six years as an auditor. His core responsibilities now are audit, accounting, book-keeping and payroll matters.

Modzelewski and Partners became an MGI member in June 2014 and the firm is already enjoying the benefits that membership brings. “I’ve been to the Berlin, Chicago and UK meetings and these are very useful,” commented Grzegorz. “They allow for an exchange of ideas and different points of view from all the different people you meet. These meetings have given me insight into new ways of doing things and I’m looking forward to the meetings in Germany and Paris.”

When asked about MGI membership, Grzegorz said: “We proudly mention our membership on the firm’s website and on our business cards. Some people may think that we’re too small to handle their work, but we’re not. There is fierce competition in Poland for accounting services but we’re in a different league now. Modzelewski and Partners only deals with foreign clients and now we can offer our global clients international affiliation. This strengthens our image and obviously gives us a clear advantage over our competitors. It also helps us to gain new clients, both in our native Poland and internationally.”