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Managing Partner’s Meeting

29th June 2015

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At the Managing Partner’s Meeting, a wide range of topics were discussed including MGI’s future strategy. This was followed by Roger’s network update. This was well-received and praise was given for the network committee's effectiveness at implementing this in a far more cost effective way than had previously been put forward.

As well as strategy and network, the Partners discussed the AGM website which is now live and taking bookings. To enable UK & I mass participation, as we cannot have an area meeting this year, a ‘conference light’ package is being offered to UK & I members. This will exclude Wednesday and Friday nights and therefore only require one night in London. There will be up to 30 such places available at £500 each available to UK & I firms who are also sending full delegates. Sponsors for the AGM are still needed and all firms were asked to think of potentially relevant businesses. UK & I members were asked if they would want to sponsor aspects of the London Survival Packs for delegates. More information about these will be delivered in due course.

Also, the UK & I international business survey was mentioned and it is hoped that Cranfield will engage with Clive about this soon so that the questionnaire can be finalised.

At the meeting, it was mentioned that not only will new board members be needed in coming years but in two years’ time a new IC representative is required. Interested parties will need to ensure that they are UK & I board members in due course.

Morison Int was mentioned in that they are still considering who to offer the UK position to. In addition, the EAM venue and format was discussed as both are very different from previous meetings. The death of Zaptax following the Budget’s reference to the future of tax returns was also noted. Finally, there was a very useful presentation from Simon Astill of ProAnnexus. Details of this have already been circulated.