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MGI/SWAT training day three

29th June 2015

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This was the third day of training and the end of year one. The morning was spent considering commercial awareness from an internal operating point of view and then externally; thinking about what clients need.

The internal view considered deadlines, fee levels, risk assessment, planning and responsibility taking. For the external view we used case studies for the attendees to work in groups to think about what issues client’s businesses may be facing. We also looked at a client risk questionnaire to help attendees think more widely about the assignments that they may be working on.

This then flowed into cross selling in the afternoon. One of the issues is often lack of knowledge of services provided and a whole of firm survey was discussed. Reasons for not cross selling were put forward and discussed along with the notion of wanting to help clients rather than sell to them, in order to help those with a fear of ‘selling’.

It was great to hear from Simon Halliwell of Bishops after the course as he said it had given him the confidence to suggest to a client that his firm provided them with management accounts and to his joy they said ‘yes’.

The next session for this group has been booked for 18 September and will be on practice management skills in the morning and strategic planning in the afternoon. If we are to start a new group as well, I would suggest that is planned for October to ensure that you do not have too many people on courses in the same month.