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MGI UK & I Newswire, March 2015

23rd March 2015

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For many of you your year end has arrived or is fast approaching. This is often a time for planning for the year ahead.

At MGI UK & Ireland the focus for much of this year will be the AGM in October. As we will not be having an area conference this year our peer group meetings take on even more significance and the year has started with a lively tax forum.

As MGI evolves we are presenting a more cohesive image to the outside world. The MGI World website now includes much of what has previously appeared on the individual area websites such that the UK & Ireland website has now been ‘turned off’. With our new Chairman and Executive Committee in place plans have been set to get your views on member expectations from MGI over the next five years and I am sure this will lead to a lively debate at the April managing partner forum!

The recent MGI UK & Ireland board meeting confirmed that in this area it will still be a requirement for members to be both local and international members, more details can be found in the minutes already circulated to all firms. As part of our on-going local membership value the contract with Creditsafe has been renewed with a greater investment in international company searches. Last year we used up our initial allocation early in the year and had to buy more on several occasions.

I look forward to meeting up with you all in the year ahead.

Paul Winder