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MI and MGI work hand in hand

25th March 2015

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The growing global complexity of commercial opportunities and relationships means that businesses increasingly need legal support worldwide, alongside expert accountancy advice.

As part of providing a streamlined service to its members, MGI has long developed a collaborative relationship with Mackrell International (MI), one of the world’s leading networks of independent legal firms, which brings together 4,500 lawyers in member practices in 60 countries.

Both recognise the added value that each can offer the other’s clients, including the way that local knowledge of their respective members can be invaluable in providing referrals to people with the right skills and expertise, in the right place. 

Mackrell Turner Garrett is a leading member of Mackrell International and has played a key role in introducing MGI members in the UK to MI firms, particularly in territories where Mackrell International may have a member but MGI does not.

Paul Winder, area co-ordinator for the MGI UK Area, said: “MGI and MI together offer truly global accountancy, tax and legal expertise, for a seamless service. Working collaboratively also enables us to learn from each other and understand and respond to changing market and client needs.”

Nigel Rowley, Mackrell Turner Garrett’s Managing Partner and Head of Litigation and Dispute Resolution and Chair of Mackrell International’s membership committee, added: “For example, Jeffrey Crawford in Scotland had a client who needed a Colombian specialist in oil and gas and we were able to direct them to a good contact of ours. We were also able to help when a potential new MGI member in Leeds needed help with a Belgian audit. MGI doesn’t have a Belgian member so we stepped in with a referral to our own contact.

“MI and MGI have much in common, like our commitment to the highest quality standards and a client-focused approach and the way our members retain their own unique identity and independence. Working together in this way enhances our ability to support clients and solve their problems, worldwide.”

Having studied at Caterham School, City of London University, Nigel trained at Mackrell & Co., which he joined in 1988. Nigel was made a partner at Mackrell Turner Garrett in 1991. He is experienced in complex litigation matters and various forms of dispute resolution and has clients such as Indus Capital LLP, Jaguar Land Rover, and Grapo AS. Within previous years Nigel has acted for a US hedge fund against a UK bank in a claim for in excess of $10m claiming misrepresentation, acted for a UK-based software company in a claim for £15m against a UK infringer claiming commercial infringement, and also acted for a Middle Eastern Royal in defending a £20m+ claim made by a UK bank for alleged bank guarantee default.

Nigel has considerable experience in defending false claim act prosecutions and HMRC Appeals and is an international committee member for Europe, the Middle East and Africa

(EMEA) on Mackrell International, as well as being the Chairman of the Membership Committee for Mackrell International. As a result of the firm’s membership of Mackrell International, Nigel is very experienced in cross-border disputes and multi jurisdictional litigation.

In 2012 Nigel was named England and Wales Dispute Resolution Lawyer of the Year as well as being appointed Fellow of the Litigation Counsel of America, Member of the Diversity Law Institute and Member of the Trial Law Institute.

The interaction between MGI and MI members is always increasing, which is no surprise when you see just how much we can help each other and each other’s global clients.

Picture, top right: Nigel Rowley