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The thoughts of Chairman Winter

24th March 2015

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Since my appointment as MGI Chairman in the Autumn and following the MGI EC meeting in Boston (19/20 March), I am pleased to report that I feel extremely positive about how MGI is moving forward (and no, I haven’t had a personality transplant).

There has been a shake-up in terms of the EC with the majority of the committee being new faces, and I believe this refresh will make a real difference as we share a common vision and are already working better and smarter together.

Highlights include the recognition that greater financial control, accountability and visibility is required as we set budgets for 2015/16. The EC and IC also now have much more input into setting and monitoring the CEO’s objectives having introduced last year a new appraisal and performance review process. In addition, at the forthcoming New Orleans IC meeting we will start the process of setting a new 5-year plan and long-term strategy and vision for MGI. I will be working closely with all the MGI UK & Ireland members to ensure that we are all clear about what we expect our return to be from our investment in MGI. The MGI UK & Ireland relationship is stronger than ever and I see it as my role (as your IC representative) to ensure that we are increasing the value of our MGI International membership.

Whilst final plans for the network are being implemented, the alliance branding issue is also underway and for non-Network members proposals for the Alliances’ new brand name will be communicated shortly to the IC for a final decision. I came away from Boston with the confidence and understanding that the MGI relationship is very much ‘business as usual’, despite the period of change last year following the network announcements.

And so, despite wind chill temperatures of -12c and visiting Boston in one of its coldest and snowiest winters in history, I came away feeling positive and confident about the way forward for MGI. We are in the hands of, and I am working with, a much more effective committee who like us, want to provide an excellent service to existing clients and crucially attract good quality prospects with international interests for all our firms across the world. 

Peter Winter