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Happy New Year to you all

4th January 2016

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Whilst 2015 was an exciting year culminating in the AGM in October I think it was also a year of transformation for MGI in the UK & Ireland if not globally. Whilst we have had some firms leave, including Bishops at the end of last year, we now have a group predominately committed to the network. 2016 will see re-branded MGI and Mint members and I will be working to ensure we have an inclusive environment for all of you.

We have retained Chartered Developments as our lead generator for potential new members and I have already met with one potential member and have other meetings booked in January and February. However, whilst we need to re-establish our critical mass we will continue to focus on getting further members who are a good fit for MGI UK & Ireland. Whilst location, services and reputation are very important, the culture of the firm and the partners willingness to share and participate are paramount.

We have a managing partners forum on 13 January which will be hosted by Milsted Langdon in their London office. Whilst the inter-firm comparison will take up much of that day we will also consider future events for 2016 so do give it some thought and feedback. The original SWAT training group also meet in January for their fifth training day. In February we will have the first gathering of the second SWAT training group which hopefully reflects the success of the inaugural group. In the last quarter of 2015 we held an audit forum which proved to be a really vibrant day where current issues and future opportunities were discussed.

The date for the 2016 MGI UK & Ireland Partners and Managers Conference has been set as 24-26 November and I am in the process of finalising the location in the Heathrow/Gatwick area. This will follow a similar format to previous events and should attract good numbers from our area as well as Europe and beyond. Indeed I have already had one inquiry from the USA from someone seeking to spend Thanksgiving in the UK!

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a successful 2016 and I look forward to meeting and working with you all in the year ahead.