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Swapping Taunton for London

4th January 2016

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As part of the development of its London office, Milsted Langdon’s Simon Rowe has decided that he fancies the idea of life in the City and has moved from the West Country to build a corporate recovery team in the ‘big smoke’. 

Simon and his wife Anya have moved into a city centre apartment which affords him the luxury of walking to work instead of commuting. This is something that Simon finds essential, especially as he is known to spend many evenings ostensibly ‘working’ the wine bar circuit in aid of ‘promoting the firm’. 

Having just secured the largest insolvency instruction in Milsted Langdon’s history, it is hard to begrudge Simon a few pints of shandy at the firm’s expense, even if one of his Partners has reputedly still failed to get over the shock of the cost of buying a round of drinks in a Soho bar during the MGI AGM. Something about a second mortgage was uttered.

As has been the case with Milsted Langdon’s other greenfield sites, the London office will be led by specialisms and unique talent.