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Asset holding

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Our Global Family Office experts have specialist expertise in structuring asset holding across various international locations and can help high net worth clients remain compliant with global laws.

Our asset holding experts can provide support with:

  • Real estate ownership - buy-to-let properties, vacant properties and property planning comes with different laws across the world. Avoid unnecessary penalties with access to experts in this area who belong to our Global Family Office Group
  • Real estate management - appointing a trusted party to manage overseas real estate can be a challenge across borders, but our asset holding experts have a wealth of experience in this area
  • Boat ownership - boats cannot simply be left moored while you travel overseas, and ownership laws differ from country to country. Our Global Family Office  Group has experts in international boat ownership to help protect your assets
  • Aircraft ownership - this can be a complex issue in some countries, with these expensive assets, therefore, requiring careful protection. Again, our asset holding experts are experienced in this field

Protecting your assets across borders

Assets can be so much more than just finances. They can have priceless sentimental value, so you don't want to jeopardise them, which is why it pays to have access to trusted experts in asset holding in both local and international markets.

Whether it's money, real estate or an aircraft that you want to hold, manage and protect, you can put your trust in the asset holding experts in our Global Family Office Group.

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