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Why Choose MGI?

MGI Worldwide’s Family Office tax planning experts have access to the knowledge of more than 5,200 tax and accountancy professionals across over 260 global locations around the world. This means that family offices should not be surprised by unexpected and unnecessary tax liabilities.

Our tax planning experts can provide support with:

  • Understanding and complying with taxation laws both locally and across international markets to avoid penalties that could jeopardise family wealth, including inheritance tax, death tax and wealth tax legislation
  • Analysis of double tax treaties to manage wealth across multiple countries to ensure all parties are aware of how much income tax will be applied to financial assets
  • Understanding and complying with the various taxes that can apply to real estate ownership in different countries, whether properties are vacant or occupied
  • Planning for an overseas relocation, of either people or assets. In the case of assets, this will include wealth management and tax planning support; in the case of people, it could include advice on visa or passport applications, as well as help finding school places and paying school fees, for example
  • Protecting assets across borders with international taxation laws in mind, whether this is cash, property, or even luxury items such as boats and aircraft

Local knowledge with an international reach

The international reach of MGI Worldwide’s Global Family Office experts means that our tax planning professionals have access to knowledge and expertise in this area from all around the world, with our member firms spanning more than 260 global locations.

The collaborative, community feel of our global accounting network means this knowledge can be passed on from a local standpoint by trusted experts who have experience in local tax laws and protecting wealth locally, providing clients with both local and international value at the same time.

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