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Trust & Corporate Services

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Our Global Family Office advisors have specialist expertise in trusts and corporate services, and can ensure your family's financial assets are being protected as best as possible, wherever they are in the world and regardless of their net worth.

Our trust and corporate service experts can: 

  • Provide clients with access to international trustees who will safely hold their family's assets, while minimising the risk of them being eroded through inheritance tax, wealth tax, local succession laws or death taxes. As a result, this can ensure family wealth is safeguarded for the next generation
  • Appoint protectors to monitor trustees' actions where family wealth is concerned to make sure everything remains above-board and compliant
  • Form suitable trusts for specific assets or locations. For example, these could be irrevocable discretionary trusts that distance the legal ownership of assets from the beneficiaries. Alternatively, they could be revocable foreign grantor trusts that allow the settlor to retain greater control over assets
  • Form suitable holding companies to hold assets for these trusts
  • Appoint directors to manage these holding companies

Invaluable expertise

The trusts used to protect family wealth can take different forms around the world, with various laws applying to those in certain locations. Failure to comply could lead to assets being lost and more tax being owed, potentially jeopardising family wealth for the next generation.

That's why it's so invaluable to have access to a team of highly trusted experts in both trust and corporate services across the globe, which is exactly what working with an advisor who belongs to our Global Family Office Group can provide.

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