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Wealth Management

Wealth management

We have been helping clients to manage their wealth for more than 70 years.

When you're managing precious family wealth across multiple international locations, you need to put your wealth management in the hands of people you can trust.

Our Global Family Office advisors can provide you with access to international experts in the area, who can support you with everything from protecting your assets to guiding your investments.   

This is an area where our experts have a wealth of experience, which they've been providing to clients through collaborative, trusted relationships for many years - in some cases, for over two decades.

Our wealth management experts can provide support with:

  • Protecting valuable family assets, whether through specially established trusts or investments, by appointing suitable managers to oversee these, while ensuring all relevant international tax regulations are complied with
  • Safeguarding electronic data relating to family wealth and valuable assets with security measures that will stand up across multiple countries
  • Carrying out audit valuations to determine the true value of a client's assets and liabilities, as well as any debts. Our wealth management experts can also conduct quality control to ensure all assets are as expected
  • Issuing expert advice on protecting family wealth for future generations through wise investments, perhaps through setting up a family council or private trust company, for example
  • Communicating with investment advisors overseas to ensure plans do not conflict and are compliant across borders
  • Issuing financial statements for private trust companies, trusts, companies and individuals to provide all involved parties with full visibility of family assets and investments
  • Business mergers and acquisitions overseas - these can be one way to invest wealth, but different regulations apply to deals in various countries, so access to experts in these fields is vital
  • Forecasting cash flow, which is another key element of asset management and protection. This helps to make sure assets are available to clients where and when they need them

Connections across a global network

There are many different factors to wealth management, but with some 9,000 accountancy professionals across the MGI Worldwide with CPAAI international accounting network spanning some 380 locations, our Global Family Office advisors have access to trusted, proven experts in every single one of these areas.

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