Global Family Office Specialist Group

Wealth Planning

Wealth planning

Managing and protecting family assets in the present is important, but, for high net worth individuals, planning for the future to ensure wealth is safeguarded for the next generation is arguably even more so.

Our Global Family Office advisors include multiple experts in wealth planning to support and guide you in this area.

Our wealth planning experts can help with:

  • Creating family councils to plan the future direction of family wealth, as well as family constitutions to guide these councils and ensure succession planning is a key consideration
  • Understanding succession laws in different countries to ensure wealth remains within the family in a compliant manner, regardless of location
  • Ensuring non-conflicting advice is sought from global professionals including property experts, investment advisors and immigration lawyers to make sure wealth is being protected ahead of its succession to the next generation
  • Obtaining and managing life insurance policies in different parts of the world
  • Making plans for an estate, including all types of assets, for the future; for example, in the event of an unexpected death, or if the need for Power of Attorney should arise
  • Drafting and storing wills in different parts of the world, ensuring they comply with all legal requirements and take into account varying inheritance and death tax regulations

Our past, your future

Our organisation has been breaking down international barriers by bringing experts and clients together for more than 70 years.

Through our Global Family Office Group, our highly trusted wealth planning experts can draw on their decades of experience to provide you with the very best advice for you and your family's future, safeguarding invaluable wealth across generations.

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