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We all have a responsibility to create a future that is fairer and more sustainable. Indeed, business has a huge part to play in this move towards a more equitable world.

MGI Worldwide’s focus has always been on supporting member firms and finding ways to grow and enhance their businesses through membership.  Being able to show that we are actively taking steps and making a conscious effort to act more responsibly and sustainably in the support that we offer and all that we do as part of membership is becoming increasingly important.

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The Global ESG Group is aimed at members around the world interested in leading ESG initiatives in their firms and offers a useful forum for sharing information, resources and experiences on this important topic. This group is open to ALL members, please contact Nicki Lynn ( who will send you all the information you need to get involved.

To register for the next Global ESG Group Open Calls click on the links below:

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Minimising environmental impact
Reducing carbon emissions across all aspects of business, using only renewable energy, reducing-reusing-recycling, no animal cruelty.


Commitment to welfare
Equal opportunities, positive local and global community impact, individual wellbeing, social awareness and engagement.


Building trust with stakeholders
Leadership by example, transparency, accountability, integrity, best practice and commitment to our obligations.

For those firms looking to align themselves with the UN Sustainable Development Goals this document lists 17 small actions that small businesses can take to achieve the Global Goals in their own way.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are an urgent call for action by all countries - developed and developing - in a global partnership.

Download the full document HERE.

MGI Worldwide ESG Promise

MGI Worldwide aims to help identify ESG best practices and resources that will help navigate the emerging and growing interest in Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance issues and opportunities. We have identified three areas that need separate consideration:

  • MGI Worldwide and its regional activities
  • Our member firm's businesses
  • The clients of our member firms

The changes that we implement now, however small, will in time make a positive difference. We look forward to working with member firms as we become more familiar with the elements and practicalities of ESG and how it needs to be more central to all of our decision making.


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Rafael Faillace Jebsen & Co. Buenos Aires Argentina
Angela Robins MGI Adelaide Adelaide Australia
Robert Lanziili MGI Adelaide Adelaide Australia
Melissa McCrystal Accru Rawsons Brisbane Australia
Graeme Kent MGI South Qld Brisbane Australia
Lorin Joyce MGI Joyce Dickson Canberra Australia
Alina Kamal MGI Sydney Sydney Australia
Jorja Warnecke MGI Sydney Sydney Australia
Matthew Moy MGI Sydney Sydney Australia
Melissa Smith MGI Sydney Sydney Australia
Rachel Dorrian MGI Sydney Sydney Australia
Caterina Sullivan MGI Australasia   Australia
Sumit Dhadda MGI DLS & Associates Bahrain Bahrain
Loes Dhooghe Lievens & Co Brugge Belgium
Brecht Damman DKF Fiduciaire nv Kortrijk  Belgium
Thomas Gbessoua Assongba COFIMA Cotonou Benin
Karin Monchak MGI Assurance Auditores Independentes S.S. Curitiba Brazil
Grace Yu Shanghai Acumen Certified Public Accountants Co.,Ltd Shanghai China
Eduardo Zamudo CPA BAAS Business Advisory and Audit Services Bogotá  Colombia
Daddy Nkuvu MGI Strong Nkv Kinshasa Congo (Democratic Republic)
Hermes Hernandez MGI Hernandez & Asociados San José Costa Rica
Douglas Valarezo Arias Valarezo & Asoc. C. Ltda. Guayaquil Ecuador
Alexandros Sofakis MGI Sofakis Partners SA Athens Greece
Oscar Chile Monroy MGI Chile Monroy y Asociados Guatemala City Guatemala
Harold Alcerro Auditoria y Consultoria Asociada S. de RL. de C.V. Tegucigalpa Honduras
Ken Yeung Kenneth Chau & Co. Hong Kong Hong Kong
Anuj Sharedalal C R Sharedalal & Co Ahmedabad India
Ansh Bhatia Dinodia Consulting New Delhi India
Saniya Dinodia Dinodia Consulting New Delhi India
Amit Chopra GCA Associates Private Limited New Delhi India
Anil Girdhar GCA Associates Private Limited New Delhi India
Martine Herbst RP Legal & Tax Milan Italy
Mitsuru Komiyama Komiyama & Co. Tokyo Japan
Khaled Masoud Scientific Office for Auditing, Accounting and Consulting Amman Jordan
Felix Kimoli MGI Alekim LLP Nairobi Kenya
Eduardo Nyssen Ocaranza Nyssen Consultores Asociados S.C. Cuernavaca Mexico
Alberto Rocabert González Alberto Rocabert y Compañía, S.C. Cancún México
Omar Antonio Pérez Enríquez Pérez Olvera Enríquez Asociados SC Querétaro México
Natalie Solórzano Fiacycpa S.A Managua Nicaragua
Haruna Nma Yahaya Haruna Yahaya & Co. Minna  Nigeria
Piyush Thakkar MGI Vision Chartered Accountants  Muscat Oman
Imran Ilyas ILYAS SAEED & CO. Islamabad Pakistan
Abdelghani Shamali Abdelghani Shamali & Co. Auditing bureau Jenin  Palestine
Hassan Masoud Al-Hamli & Partners Riyadh  Saudi Arabia
Ivan Houston Scholes CA Edinburgh Scotland
Lakshman Rupasinghe MGI KAL Rupasinghe and Company Colombo Sri Lanka
Caisa Westin Revideco AB Stockholm  Sweden
Pernilla Lundin Revideco AB Stockholm  Sweden
Che-Yu Hsieh MGI Excellence & Co., CPAs Taipei Taiwan
Connor McLoughlin Watson Buckle Limited Bradford United Kingdom
Gillian Craven Watson Buckle Limited Bradford United Kingdom
Roger Isaacs Milsted Langdon  Bristol United Kingdom
Ross Jones Milsted Langdon Bristol United Kingdom
Ian Marrow Rickard Luckin Chelmsford United Kingdom
Michael Breame Rickard Luckin Chelmsford United Kingdom
Liz Horton Seymour Taylor High Wycombe United Kingdom
Suzanne Curry Seymour Taylor High Wycombe United Kingdom
Alison Spier Alexander Knight & Co Manchester United Kingdom
Paul Taylor Freestone Jacobs Portsmouth United Kingdom
James Beecher MGI Midgley Snelling LLP Weybridge United Kingdom
Sarah Squires MGI Midgley Snelling LLP Weybridge United Kingdom
Robert Hoberman Hoberman & Lesser New York City United States
Paul Rudoy H2R CPA Pittsburgh, PA United States
Victoria Buzetta Estudio Kaplan Montevideo Uruguay
Ricardo Jose Ruiz Betancourt MGI P&P Asociados Contadores Públicos Caracas Venezuela
Patricia Abad MGI Peñaloza & Asociados Caracas Venezuela

6 December 2022: Pulse Market Pilot Project

During these calls we were joined by Michael O’Shea, Founder and CEO of Pulse Market. Pulse Market is an ethical, digital marketplace focused on encouraging businesses of all sizes to deliver their Cyber, Carbon and Sustainability credentials. Michael shared The Pulse Market ESG Initiative (2023) and invited MGI member firms to get involved. The goals of this initative are:

  • to help support Micro, SME and Enterprise businesses, take the first step on a
    valued journey to be better for good
  • to gather quality data and information on business ESG activities, which can be
    centralised and benchmarked to share with the wider community and
  • make business change for good

More detailed information about the pilot project is available HERE.

Watch the morning call recording HERE

Watch the afternoon call recording HERE

These videos are password protected. For the password please visit the Webinars page in the member area or contact

27 September 2022: MGI ESG Journey

Focusing on the "E" of ESG
Minimising Environmental Impact

During this call we looked at everything surrounding the "E" of ESG - discussing a wide range of areas such as reducing carbon emissions across all aspects of business, using only renewable energy, reducing-reusing-recycling.

Watch the morning call recording HERE

Watch the afternoon call recording HERE

These videos are password protected. For the password please visit the Webinars page in the member area or contact

22 September 2022: Introduction to Environmentally Responsible Marketing Initiatives & Corporate Policies 

When it comes to firms being environmentally responsible, and eco-friendly, it can be confusing with so many different terms, buzzwords, and catch-phrases. In today’s fast-paced business environment, even the best intentions can fall short, and the most experienced marketers can be challenged; however, help is on the way!    
In this introduction to environmentally responsible marketing initiatives and corporate policies, we were joined by experts in the field with many years of experience to educate and guide us.

Ed Furci, Vice President of Sales, J.S. McCarthy Printers J.S. McCarthy Printers - With over 30 years of print management experience, Ed acts as an advisor to many print buyers.

Rylan MacVey, Senior Business Development Manager, PrintReLeaf - PrintReLeaf is a leader in helping companies incorporate a robust corporate environmental policy through global reforestation. 

Ed and Rylan covered a range of relevant topics, including:   

  • Why is it so important for Firms to be environmentally responsible? 
  • Do these practices most impact your existing and prospective clients (business development), future and prospective staff (recruiting), as well as your Firm’s relationship with your community?  
  • How can your Firm practice Eco-Friendly Printing Practices? 
  • Does your Firm's printer practice responsible supply chain management? Do they produce VOC-free products? 
  • Does your Firm and do your suppliers ‘Reduce and Recycle?’ 
  • Can you work with a printer that will plant trees on your behalf with every order?
  • What do you know about the following certifications?

Watch the full recording HERE

To download a copy of the slide deck, CLICK HERE.

These videos are password protected. For the password please visit the Webinars page in the member area or contact

5 July 2022: MGI ESG Journey

Social: Commitment to Welfare
Focusing on the "S" of ESG

During this call we looked at everything surrounding the "S" of ESG - Equal opportunities, positive local and global community impact, individual wellbeing, social awareness and engagement.  Again, we were guided through the discussion by Julia Fawsley Grant from ESGMark®.

Watch the morning call recording HERE

Watch the afternoon call recording HERE

These videos are password protected. For the password please visit the Webinars page in the member area or contact

23 and 25 May 2022: MGI ESG Journey

“Everything comes back to the G”
Understanding the foundation of governance in terms of ESG

All ESG Journeys needs to start with governance at its foundations but it’s all too easy to get caught up with the “E” before anything else. We are joined by Julia Fawsley Grant from ESGMark® who will be helping guide us through what organisations need to embed in their everyday business operations.

An open, frank discussion of why nothing else will work without the “G” in place.

Watch the 23 May recording HERE

Watch the 25 May recording HERE

These videos are password protected. For the password please visit the Webinars page in the member area or contact

4 and 5 April 2022: MGI ESG Journey

During these initial calls Paul and Nicki shared the MGI ESG journey to date. MGI now has the prestigious ESG Mark accreditation and ESG thinking has become central to decisions made about the workings of MGI and in particular the events we hold. All those attending were asked to share their firm’s position on ESG matters. Feedback ranged from thoroughly engaged to trying to work out where to start. As with all matters MGI the sharing of experiences and opportunities will be central to the Global ESG Group. We were joined by Julia Fawsley Grant from ESGmark® who are helping MGI to identify ESG best practices and resources that we can share with members. 

Watch the 4 April recording HERE

Watch the 5 April recording HERE

These videos are password protected. For the password please visit the Webinars page in the member area or contact

1 April 2022: Introduction to ESGmark® at the MGI Talent Meeting

An introductory presentation recorded by ESGmark® founders Justin Bates and Portia Patel for the 2022 Talent Meeting in Amsterdam.  The 10 minute recording gives a brief overview of ESGmark®, what ESG is and why it matters to the accounting profession.

Watch the recording HERE

25 November 2021: Empowering organisations to create a fairer, more responsible, and sustainable future

This ESGmark® presentation was recorded during the 2021 UK & Ireland conference which offers a good introduction to ESGmark® and how they are helping organisations like MGI Worldwide on all ESG related matters.

Watch the recording HERE

MGI Worldwide and ESGmark®

In December 2021, MGI Worldwide become the first global accounting network to be awarded the ESGmark® certification, which is awarded to organisations which demonstrate strong Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) credentials and an ongoing commitment to positive change.  Joining the ESGmark® community is the first step on the ESG improvement journey for MGI Worldwide. It’s only a beginning but we hope member firms around the world will join us. 

Below you will find links to useful documents provided by ESGmark® to help you get started on your ESG Journey.  

In simple terms, ESG encapsulates a way of doing business that considers strong performance evaluated through these three non-financial lenses, as equally important as pure financial performance.

Find out more HERE

It can be overwhelming to know how to start considering your ESG strategy. In this document we have indicated just some of the many considerations involved in conducting an ESG assessment of your business. We hope this provides food for thought and prompts the beginning of a conversation within your business.

Find out more HERE. Spanish version available HERE.

For your business to improve its environmental, social and governance practices and contribute towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, it is crucial to set a clear framework of ESG policy commitments. Without establishing clear standards across your organisation, it is difficult to implement your practices and to ensure that the practices of your colleagues, partners and suppliers uphold those company values.

Below is the ESGmark® template for structuring your own organisation’s code of conduct. ESGmark® have expanded on the UN and ILO principles to include further environmental, social and governance aspects that they feel are important to make sure our members are representing the very best ESG practices across industries. The template is not sector specific and will need altering to suit the specific needs/principles of your business.

Download the Establishing you ESG Policy Commitments from the ESGmark® Library HERE

This ESGmark® guide is intended to provide advice on how your business can audit its supply chain to ensure your products and partners uphold the same values as your organisation. It will set a framework for what you need to consider in your supply chain, what questions you need to ask, how to ask them and finally, what to do with these answers.

Download Auditing your Supply Chain from the ESGMark® library HERE

The ESGmark® website has a wealth of information available.  You can find quick guides in the library ranging from Diversity and Inclusion to Whistleblowing along with other ESG reports.

Find out more HERE

If you have any questions or suggestions for this project, please get in touch with MGI UK & Ireland Regional Coordinator Paul Winder ( or International Business Development Manager, Nicki Lynn (