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With access to hundreds of CPA partners, our experienced team of Cross Border Taxation specialists at MGI Worldwide, global accounting association, can advise and assist you in every country across the globe.  For more information, contact a member of our team:

Operational Team

Zafer Celik
Budliger Treuhand AG
Zurich, Switzerland
T: +41 44 289 4545

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Lance Middleton
Ipswich, United Kingdom
T: +44 1473 220011

Lance Middleton has specialised in personal taxation in the UK for over 20 years, having previously worked for one of the big 4 tax firms before joining Ensors accountants in 2015. The team at Ensors deal with a significant amount of international tax work and as part of this team, Lance has developed extensive experience of tax issues relating to employees working across borders. He also deals more generally with advising clients on tax issues of residence, domicile and achieving the most efficient tax position when entering or leaving the UK.

Michael Grüne
Menold Bezler
Stuttgart, Germany
M: +49 172 715 6574

Dr Michael Grüne is a tax advisor with over 20 years of professional experience. Being in charge of Menold Bezler’s payroll team, Michael has direct access to the specialist needed to help the clients: from setting up payroll accounting to all questions of payroll taxation and social security especially in an international context - Michael’s team has experience of a wide range of issues and best practice solutions. 

Paul Correa
Fiduciary Wealth Management Ltd
T: +350 200 50982

Paul is a seasoned professional with more than 30 years’ experience in the financial services sector. Having spent a considerable amount of his working life dealing in the foreign exchange, bond and equity markets he specialises in the structuring and management of investment portfolios and pension assets for expats. In recent years he has been focusing his efforts on developing tax mitigation strategies as part of an overall wealth management service to expats.

Peggy Ramaekers
Wesselman Accountants | Adviseurs
Helmond, The Netherlands
T: +31 6 1864 2776

Experienced in the Advisory Services with a demonstrated history of working in the international tax industry since 2001. Peggy gained extensive expertise in the field of cross border working in respect to taxes and social security. Professional skilled in the set up of payrolls and coordination of global clients. Peggy joined Wesselman Accountants and Advisors in 2022 and is responsible of their Global Mobility practice.


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