Global Mobility Specialist Group

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Advice and support to help you manage staff working overseas.  Our expert team can provide reliable advice and planning for all aspects of international taxation and social security.

  • Details and application of tax residency rules in each jurisdiction
  • Implications of becoming tax resident and benefits arising from split-year treatment
  • Tax obligations for directors and any tax planning opportunities to mitigate liabilities
  • Tax equalisation calculations to ensure each employee's tax position is unaffected by overseas working
  • Tax treatment of relocation abroad expenses and other allowable deductions
  • Tax advice on all elements of a remuneration package, including salary, benefits in kind, bonus payments, stock options, cost of living allowances, local accommodation and home leave
  • Reviewing applicability and application of tax exempt rulings
  • Double tax treaty benefits and advice on relevant tax planning opportunities
  • Personal tax compliance service for employees and directors
  • Non-resident filing requirements

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